Report Back – Denver March Against White Supremacy 12/2/2017

On December 2, 2017, Denver activist group Resist 5280 held a March Against White Supremacy. 2017 has been a banner year for hatecrimes, which isn’t surprising given the current political environment. One would think a march against white supremacy wouldn’t be that controversial of an event. One would be wrong.

The Denver event brought out a contingent of counter protesters. In the same way that being “anti-anti-fascist” just makes someone pro-fascist, protesting a march against white supremacy just makes them pro-white supremacy. Which isn’t surprising given the counter-protesters.

Photo expropriated from Denver Westword

Shane Reeves, pictured here condescendingly arguing with an activist, showed up with a doozy of a sign that we’ll do our best to unpack for everyone. The top text, “Globalism is Injustice” is the kind of slogan you would expect from someone who stopped intellectually developing in 3rd grade and has spent the last 5 years binge-watching Alex Jones clips. The concern from reactionaries about “globalism” is rooted in a variety of white supremacist conspiracy theories, but the gist is that the secret cabal of evil Jews who run everything are pushing multiculturalism and globalism in an effort to flood white, Western nations with masses of inferior “others” in order to destabilize those nations and essentially destroy Western Civilization (even though Friedman economics are doing a good enough job of that on their own).

Underneath that is a picture of Kate Steinle, whose accidental death has been politicized by Nazis like Richard Spencer.

Underneath Steinle’s photo is the caption “It’s Okay to be White,” which in addition to being an entirely uncontested statement by anyone, ever, is also part of a national white supremacist campaign which seeks to somehow prove that white people are the real victims. This campaign has been endorsed by Nazis like Andrew Anglin and the deranged, white genocide-believing convicted felon Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman.

Earlier this summer Reeves went to Charlottesville, where in addition to being complicit in the murder of Heather Heyer he hung out with a high-profile member of the militant Proud Boys off-shoot, Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights (FOAK), Augustus Invictus.

Reeves in the goofy helmet and plate carrier, which as a former generator mechanic he totally needed during risky repair missions on the FOB, “protecting” Invictus in the blue shirt and tie at Charlottesville in August.

August Invictus is exactly the kind of human garbage (he is a goat-murderingrapist) you would expect someone like Reeves to hang around.

Joining Reeves in counter-protesting an event opposed to white supremacy is our favorite Keystone Cops, the Colorado Springs Proud Boys. The Springs chapter of the Proud Boys have a lengthy history of making asses of themselves and of attempting to disrupt events held by people of color.


John Sexton, who at about 5’3″ is a sterling example of the master race, is a big fan of white supremacist movements.

While it’s okay to be white, it’s not okay to be a racist douche-nozzle.

The Blaster to Sexton’s Master, the walking pile of congealed mayonnaise that is Martin Moyles, was also in attendance.

We also saw Luke Purswell, who is best known for posing with the totally-not-ridiculous shields he made during their abortive attempt at a free speech rally last summer. Purswell seems to be hanging out with the College Republicans of UCCS, a Turning Point USA puppet organization responsible for bringing virulently anti-LGBTQ speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Cameron to Colorado Springs.

Purswell, center, with the UCCS College Republicans

Also in attendance and apparently oblivious to the barely-concealed dog whistles was James Miller.

We’re not sure what more needs to be said about the Colorado Springs Proud Boys, who are pretty clearly racist pieces of shit. They’re litigious racist pieces of shit, too, whose lawyer (who is also a racist piece of shit) will probably send us another “cease and desist” email, since he can’t make threats against us on Twitter.

Since the March Against White Supremacy, organizer Tay Anderson, who also spoke out against Denver’s Ink! Coffee, has received death threats.


The Proud Boys are a garbage organization of garbage human beings who associate with known racists and fascists. Fuck those cowards.


Report Back – Co Springs Justice 4 Jesse Rally

The Colorado Springs Proud Boys have been laying low since their embarrassing attempt at holding a rally in Boulder back in June. They’ve been hassling the Socialists, at a brewery because of course, but not much more than that.

The Chalkboard at the Smiling Toad.
Martin Moyles (L) and John Sexton (R)

Just some dudes, grabbing beers and photographing members of a political party. If their Facebook conversations are any indication, they were probably discussing some real cool stuff.

Moyles2 Moyles1

Luke Purswell
Brian Lamb, who appears to be the leader of the Springs chapter.

We feel kind of bad, because the Colorado Springs Socialists seem to be getting all this attention because of the stuff we’ve been getting up to. Sorry comrades! Unfortunately, the Proud Boys didn’t limit their harassment campaign to local political parties. They pulled out all the stops and decided to show up at the July 16th Black Lives Matter rally for Jesse Garcia, who was murdered a year ago by a racist asshole named Jack Rogers. No charges were ever filed, and event organizers have been circulating a petition to have Colorado Springs District Attorney, Dan May take action. He won’t, because he is a bougie piece of shit, but we can pretend we live in an actual democracy.

As Anti-Fascists we stand in solidarity with groups like Black Lives Matter, who advocate, very simply, for white people to stop killing black people. It’s not some kind of unreasonable request. We shared their event on social media and encouraged folks to attend. Some of us showed up in solidarity, but it wasn’t an anti-fascist event. It was an event by and for the black community of Colorado Springs, to mourn a senseless death and call for justice. It was a somber day of remembrance. We didn’t show up in black bloc, we weren’t there to agitate or cause problems, we were there to support our community.

So of course this was an appropriate time for the Proud Boys, and Martin “I-am-literal-shit” Meyers to show up in American flag capes and baseball helmets, with support from the fucking III%ers of course, in an attempt to intimidate the Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists and NAACP members and their supporters. They decided not to come across the street and disrupt the actual rally at City Hall, but community members, rightfully outraged at their lack of tact and basic human decency, followed them to Acacia park and confronted them.

Martin Meyers (L, large stupid beard) and John Sexton (R, small stupid beard)
Brian Lamb
New addition James Miller
A few of these toolbars wore helmets. What exactly were they expecting? Why do they show up to things prepared for violence?

As soon as they were actually confronted by people who were, rightfully, upset with their bullshit they called the cops, and CSPD escorted these brave patriots from the park.

When he isn’t having racist FB chats with fellow Proud Boys or harassing political parties and Black Lives Matter rallies, John Sexton works for Paradigm Labor Services (A proud Western chauvinist who landscapes civilization).

We think Martin Meyers may have just moved down to the Springs. Let us know if you see him around.

Fuck these guys.

Boulder Free Speech Rally 6/3/2017


Today in Boulder, Colorado the Proud Boys Colorado put on a “Free Speech Rally” in which a handful of Proud Boys, augmented by a bunch of Anarcho-Capitalists motivated entirely by a desire to spite Antifa, milled about awkwardly behind two rows of police barricades while a dozen Boulder PD in riot gear stood behind them and 200 angry counter protestors yelled at them. Why all the outcry over the Proud Boys?

The Proud Boys are an adult fraternity created by Gavin McInnes. The group functions like any fraternity. It has its own initiation rites, which include a public declaration of one’s Proud Boy status, a watered-down “jumping in” during which the initiate is expected to recite breakfast cereals, receiving a Proud Boy tattoo, getting into a fight with anti-fascists, and abstaining from masturbation. From the outside it seems like the kind of ridiculous extracurricular activity that is written off as “boys being boys” for white men, but seen as “thuggish” behavior when performed by people of color. Unfortunately, the Proud Boys are more than just a bro-ey social club. They’re known for being agents of political violence, and though they publicly disavow ties to white supremacy (they have a black friend!) founder Gavin McInnes is friendly with notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer and has featured Nathan Damigo, the Identity Europa Nazi who punched a woman at Berkeley, on his show. People are judged by the company they keep, and Gavin McInnes keeps company with some fashy fucking Nazis.

The Colorado Proud Boys are no different, because in their barricaded, police-protected white dude safe space they were rubbing elbows with some hardcore Colorado Nazis.

The man in the black and yellow shirt, which reads “Proud to be Fascist” and features a totenkopf of the Nazi SS, is William Scott Planer. The man in the gray shirt and aviators is Josh Yeakal. Both are frequent posters on the Daily Stormer, and are legitimate, “no-I’m-not-being-hyperbolic-liberal-they-literally-want-to-kill-anyone-who-isn’t-white” Nazis. Both took part in a “Free Speech Rally” put on by the Colorado Proud Boys. Next time someone tells you that the Proud Boys are “just some bros drinking some beers” you can tell them to get fucked. The Proud Boys go to great lengths to publicly distance themselves from any kind of white-supremacist or Neo-Nazi association, but those are just efforts at plausible deniability. Police Departments do the same thing.

The Proud Boys are a fascist group. They’re not the Klan or Identity Europa or the National Policy Institute, but they are a stepping stone. They’re a group where young white men can try on the trappings of white supremacy without going “full Nazi.” When the media talks about the radicalization of white men, the Proud Boys are part of that. Last week in Portland, Oregon, a radicalized white supremacist killed two people. The Proud Boys and the violent, reactionary members of the Alt-Right are a danger to their communities. This is not slander or defamation, this is exactly what is happening.

So who else was hanging out in a public space (where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, you litigious fucks) with known Neo-Nazis?

You spelled “Class Traitor” wrong.

The big fella with the “Working Class Against Antifa” sign is Martin Moyles of Colorado Springs.


In front of Moyles, in the pink shirt, tan hat, and glasses is John Sexton of Colorado Springs.


One of the only members of the event to show up in the official Proud Boys uniform, which definitely doesn’t make you look like a fascist, is Luke Rohlfing.

So Martin Moyles, John Sexton, Luke Rohlfing, and a couple other members of the Colorado Proud Boys held a rally in Boulder and let Nazis William Scott Planer and Josh Yeakal tag along. Planer has bragged on the Daily Stormer about his desire to start up a Traditionalist Workers Party chapter in Colorado. The Proud Boys are literally helping the Nazis organize in public, so fuck the Proud Boys.

We are kind of disappointed the Boulder PD squashed the Proud Boys dreams of glory by denying them the ability to bring their LARPING gear to the rally. Maybe next time, boys.

The shield model is Luke Purswell of Colorado Springs.

EDIT: Video footage of the Proud Boys’ harrowing escape.