Do You Know This Nazi?

So the folks at the Daily Stormer like to get together and do Nazi shit fairly regularly. They like to hang out and take photos of themselves giving the Nazi salute, like this one:

The fellow with the Pepe-Totenkopf is Aureliuss

These in-person meet ups augment their delightful online banter. We’re big fans of Aureliuss, who offers some insightful commentary [CW: Racial slurs].



Nazis love Greg Gianforte.
Aureliuss recruiting minors. Was “Rockwell Youth” (A reference to George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party) one of the Hitler Youth present in Denver 6/10/2017?

Aureliuss is an almost archetypal Nazi, and dude loves to throw the slurs around. He also has an affinity for that tan Camelback. He was wearing it last Saturday in Denver during our discussion with him, William Scott Planer, Josh Yeakal, and the Hitler Youth.

Aureliuss, center in black, with the cool goggles.

We realized that we had seen that particular camelback before, at the Healthcare Rally in Colorado Springs (where he was spouting a bunch of eugenics nonsense) in which we hilariously shut down the fledgling attempt at an Alt-Knights chapter.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.45.19 AM
Aureliuss, Daily Stormer Nazi, next to Carter Rinaldi, current Proud Boy (but definitely not a Nazi, right?)

Obviously, a camelback is maybe a specious connection (even though it has the weird, nonstandard spout if you really want to zoom in enough to see it). So aside from a similar short, stocky build (Our guess is 5’7ish and about 190 lbs) Aureliuss is a big fan of pointing at folks.


It’s rude to point at people.

Also, he wears the same 550 cord bracelet.

During the discussion on Saturday, Aureliuss lost his hat and hockey stick crusader flag. One of our comrades was kind enough to secure them for him, and we’re hoping we can get them back to him. If anyone recognizes this fellow and could give us a name or an address we would really appreciate it. Please contact us┬áif you recognize him. Thanks!

UPDATE: Unicorn Riot got some good footage of Aureliuss and his friends on Saturday.

Aureliuss in the hat.



Report Back – Denver March Against Sharia 6/10/17


Denver’s “March Against Sharia” was hot as fuck. Next time we’re going with mesh bloc. The protest itself was about what we’ve come to expect from these freedom loving, small government-advocating, tough guy types: they spend about an hour shouting at leftists behind multiple lines of law enforcement, get bored, and then end their rally early, and go home escorted by phalanxes of cops. Their rally didn’t seem particularly substantive, which again is about what we expected.


We did see some familiar faces.

Martin Meyers(L) minor Ancap, major douche, and Martin Moyles(R) Colorado Springs Proud Boy and survivor of the Boulder Massacre.

Things finally got interesting when the Nazis showed up.

L-R Josh Yeakel, Hitler Youth 1, William Scott Planer, Hitler Youth 2

Planer and the Denver Nazis are now stumping for Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Workers Party.

Hitler Youth 1 in a “White Power White Pride” shirt.

The Alt-Right has grudgingly begun to attempt to distance itself, ever so slightly, from the Nazis of the far-right, and Planer, Yeakel, and the child soldiers were asked to leave. We met up with them afterwards.

We had a constructive dialogue.

After the Nazis were forced to vacate we stood around in the heat and shouted down the patriots until they got bored and decided to leave early. We wanted to give them a proper send off, but the cops didn’t want us to have a constructive dialogue with the biker and soldier LARPers.

This dude sure loves the word “faggot.”
What would it be like is Oderus Urungus had joined the Army?

Eventually the riot cops kettled us all in the park and allowed the walking joke that is the alt-right to leave unmolested. Four comrades were arrested, and Denver Anarchist Black Cross is taking donations for legal fees.

See y’all next time ;]