Charlottesville Participant: Shane Reeves

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.24.56 PM

Shane Reeves is a resident of Boulder, Colorado who took part in the Charlottesville rally last Saturday which resulted in the death of Heather Heyer. Shane is affiliated with the Colorado III%ers, and was at the June 10th March Against Sharia in Denver.

Shane in the sunglasses next to redneck Oderus Urungus

Fun fact: Shane was actually a generator mechanic in the Army. He didn’t have the guts to choose a combat arms MOS where people could actually shoot at him, so now he tries to act hard by playing dress up at political rallies with the other LARPers and mouth-breathing Ancaps. You know, when he isn’t attending explicitly racist political rallies across the country. It boggles our mind that Colorado Nazis would fly all the way to Virginia to get their asses kicked when they could do that here for free.

This person took part in the violent assault on Deandre Harris:

Dressed in the American Vanguard uniform, toting their black eagle and fasces shield.

He bears a striking resemblance to Shane:

IMG_5941 IMG_5937

Some smart people on Twitter made this:


Pretty close resemblance, and even if he isn’t the same man who participate in the violent assault on Deandre Harris, he brags about being a member of other violent, racist organizations:

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.48.51 PM

If his work is sketchy about his connection to the Alt-Knights I wonder how they would feel about the fact that he went to Charlottesville and possibly participated in a racially-motivated assault? Or that he might be affiliated with the Nazi organization American Vanguard, and their chapter here in Colorado. Any movers in Boulder know Shane? If so please tell him Denver Nazi Josh Yeakel said he’s a cuck.


Statement Re: John Venezia Park

It’s come to our attention that a bunch of blatantly leftist graffiti has shown up in John Venezia Park in Briargate, featuring Hammer and Sickle iconography, the Anarchist circle A, and slogans like “Left Solida” and “Antifa.” As far as we have been able to determine, no one affiliated with our group was responsible for it.

While graffiti and acts of vandalism are a tried and true part of the radical leftist handbook, as a rule we actually try to avoid community centers and parks, which are actually designed for people, and focus on the state apparatus and edifices of capitalism. If we wanted to vandalize Briargate there are much more meaningful targets than a public park.

Facebook and Twitter are full of fake antifa pages with hyperbolic, ironic SJW language designed to undermine Anti-fascist movements and turn the public [even more] against us. People will believe what they want to believe, but the actions at John Venezia Park aren’t our doing. If we had to guess it’s probably members of the Daily Stormer crew who call themselves the “Springsreich,” who, after being doxxed by us (Hey Aureliuss!), confronted and expelled whenever they have the nerve to show their faces (Joshua Flight), and even arrested for their anti-semitic vandalism (William Scott Planer), have adopted the totally beta 4chan tactic of false flag actions. The master race strikes again!

We can’t say for certain, all we know is it wasn’t us. In the future, if you want to commit false flag actions to tie to “Antifa” tag a Starbucks or a McDonalds, slash the tires on a cop car, smash a Wells Fargo ATM, or shoplift a bunch of food from Wal-Mart and give it to a homeless shelter. We’ll totally take the credit for that.

Actions speak louder than words and fake graffiti. As always, we’ll see you on the streets.


Report Back – Co Springs Trans Rights Rally

We had been wondering what the local Nazi’s had been up to ever since their main man William Planer had been arrested on violent felony charges a couple weeks ago. As it turns out, they’ve been up to their same old shit.

For two groups that claim no affiliation with each other, The Proud Boys and the Neo-Nazis of Colorado Springs to like to employ the same lame-ass tactics as each other, namely, showing up to events hosted by peaceful liberals with the intention of supporting our marginalized communities, trying to cause a shit storm. Classy, we know.

And in the latest installment of this weak, seemingly useless tactic, we had a local neo-nazi show up to a rally at City Hall. This was a rally showing support and solidarity to our awesome trans community. You would think that they would learn their lesson and stop showing up, because they’ve had their asses kicked every time.  But I mean hey, we already knew that Nazis weren’t smart.


Sure enough, we spotted this guy, who we believe to be a Joshua E Flight, standing in the crowd, wearing a green hat with a Reichsadler pin on it. He was taking notes on the speakers, most of whom were trans, and attempting to take photo’s of anyone he thought might be a ‘threat’ to his white-ethno state ideals. Little did he know, the whole fucking community is a threat to him and his fascist ideals. If anyone know’s anything more about Joshua, please let us know. We’d love to have a conversation with him and hash this out.

As soon as Joshua was outed as a Nazi, the whole rally turned on him. He was pushed down the city hall steps and cornered. His notebook was promptly seized, and he was kept cornered until the cops showed up. As always, the cops took the side of the far right, and safely brought the nazi over to them for a nice little conversation.


“oh! cool hat”

“Thanks officer, i got it on eBay, i can tell you the seller if you’d like”

“Aw, no, that’s ok. I’ve already got a bunch at home!”

In the cop’s attempt to ‘de-escalate’ the situation (keep their Nazi comrade safe) they told Joshua to leave the area. As he left, several antifascist activists followed him around the block, eventually catching up to him a few blocks from city hall. Here, he was cornered again, and it was made VERY clear to him that he shall not be coming back to one of these events.

Shortly after, dozens of community members that had been attending the rally rushed over to the antifascists side. In a beautiful display of solidarity, about 50 members of our community made it clear to this Nazi fuck that we are stronger that his hate. Clearly flustered, he jumped into his Jeep and drove away.


Safe to say, I don’t think he’ll be back. And if he does come back, we will be ready for him.

#DefendJ20 – Colorado Springs

July 20-27th is the International Week of Solidarity with the J20 defendants. On Inauguration Day, anti-Trump protesters were kettled and mass-arrested in Washington D.C. Many of those mass arrestees are facing multiple felony charges and up to 75 years in prison simply for showing up to a protest and being in the vicinity of a black bloc. These mass arrests and heavy sentences are a show of force by the state, with the intent of chilling political protest.

July 25th is also the International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist prisoners. We stand in solidarity with and commend the actions of people like Dane Powell, a J20 protester who plead guilty and took a plea deal when faced with what is functionally a life sentence for protesting.

These examples of state-overreach and excessive policing are not limited to Inauguration Day protests. We in Colorado Springs have also experienced harassment by Law Enforcement due to our political activism. We’ve reported on the infiltrators “Mark Jackson” and “Aimee Walter,” but recent information released as part of an ongoing legal battle between the Colorado Springs Socialists and the City of Colorado Springs reveals that Mark Jackson and Aimee Walter were in fact paid law enforcement officers. We assumed they were militia jerk-offs due to the fact that their roles as infiltrators were discovered rather early, and by the socialists. All shit-talking aside, while we appreciate their efforts to end capitalism the Colorado Springs Socialists are not exactly counter-intelligence experts. If the Socialists could figure out that those folks were under cover officers they might want to consider another line of work. To that end, here are some pictures of “Mark Jackson” during his staged arrest:
MarkJackson MarkJackson


While it’s not surprising that law enforcement would target a leftist political group, it is surprising they chose to target one in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’re not Washington D.C. or New York. The bulk of our activities have been relatively benign. As much as it pains us to admit it, we haven’t smashed any windows or set any trash cans on fire.

So why are law enforcement agencies expending time and tax payer money to infiltrate political groups? During Jackson’s arrest the officer on the body cam admits that Jackson is not a local CSPD officer, but could be from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. The same Sherrif’s Office that has had quite a few legal issues recently. How much effort is being put forth by local law enforcement to infiltrate the right-wing extremist groups we’ve mentioned on this page? How can they afford to plant at least two undercover officers in what is essentially a Marxist student reading group? What did the state of Colorado possibly gain from that short-lived venture? Why did law enforcement spend so much effort going after commies and antifa, but it took them over a month to act on information about white supremacist William Scott Planer (our post ran June 17th, 2017, Planer was arrested just last week)? What efforts are being made to infiltrate the armed and explicitly anti-government groups like the III%ers?

None, obviously. But they’re spending tax dollars on salary and overtime for under cover officers to track down socialists and anti-fascists. On a national level they’re protecting white supremacists at rallies and events. They’re murdering people of color, and getting away with it. All this while the government spends ridiculous sums of money on terrible foreign policy, barely functional airplanes, and attempts at repealing and replacing the sad, shitty excuse for healthcare we were barely able to wring from the hands of the last liberal president. All this while oil companies violate treaties with indigenous people, ignore the will of local residents, and even kill citizens. All this while Flint, Michigan STILL doesn’t have clean drinking water. For that matter, neither does Fountain or Security just south of Colorado Springs.

Fuck the state and those who support it. We stand in Solidarity not only with the J20 defendants, but with antifascist prisoners everywhere.


Report Back – Co Springs Justice 4 Jesse Rally

The Colorado Springs Proud Boys have been laying low since their embarrassing attempt at holding a rally in Boulder back in June. They’ve been hassling the Socialists, at a brewery because of course, but not much more than that.

The Chalkboard at the Smiling Toad.
Martin Moyles (L) and John Sexton (R)

Just some dudes, grabbing beers and photographing members of a political party. If their Facebook conversations are any indication, they were probably discussing some real cool stuff.

Moyles2 Moyles1

Luke Purswell
Brian Lamb, who appears to be the leader of the Springs chapter.

We feel kind of bad, because the Colorado Springs Socialists seem to be getting all this attention because of the stuff we’ve been getting up to. Sorry comrades! Unfortunately, the Proud Boys didn’t limit their harassment campaign to local political parties. They pulled out all the stops and decided to show up at the July 16th Black Lives Matter rally for Jesse Garcia, who was murdered a year ago by a racist asshole named Jack Rogers. No charges were ever filed, and event organizers have been circulating a petition to have Colorado Springs District Attorney, Dan May take action. He won’t, because he is a bougie piece of shit, but we can pretend we live in an actual democracy.

As Anti-Fascists we stand in solidarity with groups like Black Lives Matter, who advocate, very simply, for white people to stop killing black people. It’s not some kind of unreasonable request. We shared their event on social media and encouraged folks to attend. Some of us showed up in solidarity, but it wasn’t an anti-fascist event. It was an event by and for the black community of Colorado Springs, to mourn a senseless death and call for justice. It was a somber day of remembrance. We didn’t show up in black bloc, we weren’t there to agitate or cause problems, we were there to support our community.

So of course this was an appropriate time for the Proud Boys, and Martin “I-am-literal-shit” Meyers to show up in American flag capes and baseball helmets, with support from the fucking III%ers of course, in an attempt to intimidate the Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists and NAACP members and their supporters. They decided not to come across the street and disrupt the actual rally at City Hall, but community members, rightfully outraged at their lack of tact and basic human decency, followed them to Acacia park and confronted them.

Martin Meyers (L, large stupid beard) and John Sexton (R, small stupid beard)
Brian Lamb
New addition James Miller
A few of these toolbars wore helmets. What exactly were they expecting? Why do they show up to things prepared for violence?

As soon as they were actually confronted by people who were, rightfully, upset with their bullshit they called the cops, and CSPD escorted these brave patriots from the park.

When he isn’t having racist FB chats with fellow Proud Boys or harassing political parties and Black Lives Matter rallies, John Sexton works for Paradigm Labor Services (A proud Western chauvinist who landscapes civilization).

We think Martin Meyers may have just moved down to the Springs. Let us know if you see him around.

Fuck these guys.

Jeepers Threepers

The militia movement in the United States made headlines this week when Oregon Republicans approved a measure authorizing militia groups like the Three Percenters and Oath Keepers to run security for them. The Multnomah County Republicans now have what is essentially a private army at their disposal. This should be troubling for most people. We all tolerate (with varying levels of coercion) U.S. Military and local Law Enforcement because they ostensibly have some kind of civilian oversight. There are Mayors and City Councils and the Secretary of the Army and shit to make sure their respective institutions, whose whole purpose is to do violence on behalf of the state, are governed and administered in an acceptable way. Obviously, the levels of police brutality, the murders of people of color, and the wildly unconstitutional use of drones and military interventions across the world show how weak that oversight is, but at least it’s something.

Militias have no such oversight, and are overtly partisan. The Oathkeepers and Three Percenters started during the Obama administration, when white dudes were worried about Obama coming for their guns and toothbrushes, and like every extremist group, has grown in visibility and numbers since Trump took office. We’ve run into Three Percenters (also called threepers, or 3UP) at the March Against Sharia, and a number of their members were involved in the ridiculous, Ancap-run “Colorado Against Antifa” group. These patriot groups were created to ostensibly uphold the constitution and protect individual liberty, but time and again are seen collaborating with law enforcement, protecting white supremacists, and adhering to a reactionary, right-wing political view. While you can be reasonably certain that law enforcement won’t target or attack you just for holding leftist political views, no such claims can be made about these militia groups.

Here in Colorado, the Three Percenters are holding their annual National FTX(Field Training Exercise) at the end of July. The National FTX will bring Three Percenters from across the country to a small property just east of Fountain Colorado (10750 South Squirrel Creek Rd, Colorado Springs, Co 80928). The Three Percenters have set up a helpful Facebook group for coordinating logistics, and at last count 255 brave patriots will be in attendance (including children, wtf?). Here are some of the Colorado residents who be in Fountain July 28th, 29th, and 30th.

Mike Morris (weird coincidence!) is the leader/founder of the Colorado Three Percenters.MikeMorris2 MikeMorris

Brent Tyron

Mike Tedesco

Donald Davis

Scott Tipton

Jenny Elston

Shane Luckey (Shane was also a part of the Colorado Proud Boys FB Group)

Aaron Luallen

John Simmons

Ray Boggs

James Morrissette

Donald Teboe

Caleb Haberkorn

Philip Tyson

Mike Tripplett

…and his Dad, James Tripplett

Gary Lattea

Derrick Evans

Jeremy Palmer

Jeff Tucker

Thomas Pascale

James Oldham

Jeff Green

Steven Dejong

Taylor Ellis

Tim Butcher

Mel Edington

Dan McVey

Darrin Strickland

Michael Plasencia

Evan Marchese

Jerry Freeman

Pete Blair

John Creighton

John Haynes

Sean Croke

These folks are all associated with the Colorado Three Percenters, and they all RSVPed for the National FTX. If you see them in the Springs or Fountain, be sure to say hi. If you see them propping up fascist regimes and perpetuating state violence in the name of ‘Merica, be sure to tell them to fuck off.

The Ancaps of Colorado – Josh Miller

In previous posts we’ve looked at some of the leaders of the Colorado Against ANTIFA/Communism group, which impotently conspired to thwart the red menace that is the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism. Today we’ll take a look at the founder of the group, Josh Miller.


Miller started the Ancap FB group, but from the beginning he wanted it to be a coalition. Witch hunts just aren’t fun by yourself, right?

Mutual interests include bad hats, questionable economics, and a hatred of commies.
Another one of those “dangerous interactions with Antifa” that can’t be substantiated. Is there another Antifa group in Co Springs that is terrifying white dudes? But also we’re weak and afraid of them? So weak you need to form a coalition of everyone to the right of the Clintons to stop us? LOL.

Miller is able to stoke the fires of useful idiots like Meyers with hyperbolic rhetoric.

30-50 of us?! The fact that we’ve been able to make all the bearded white dudes in Colorado wet themselves with the numbers we actually have is incredible. If we had 30-50 people Colorado Springs would have already been collectivized. Also, more ironic racism, which is totally to trigger snowflakes and doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s actual worldview.

Again, some Ancaps question Miller’s motives and embrace the sanctity of the NAP.

Joel, if you ever want to hang outside a golf club hit us up! We’re down. Just leave the cheesy yellow and black flag at home.

Miller’s claims about not instigating violence (in a Facebook group predicated on instigating violence) are frequently contradicted by his own statements.

So, as anarchists we’re all about “No Gods No Masters.” Fuck the cops, fuck these Ancap assholes, and fuck the stolen valor blowhards in the patriot movement, but it still might be a good idea to keep the names of 1%er Motorcycle Clubs out of your mouth.

This, of course, isn’t a new thing in this group. Antifa and communists are such a huge threat that these idiots will consider working with any extremist organization, as long as it is right-wing extremism.

In the confusion surrounding the June 10th “March Against Sharia,” a member of the group, Nate Pitsch, actually suggests using his contacts in Neo-Nazi groups for security.

To be fair to Josh Miller, he decided to jump ship a week before the June 10th event. Realizing that this reactionary group he created to fight antifa and communism was attracting and galvanizing nationalists, racists, and violent people who were a threat to the community (you know, THE *EXACT* SHIT WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO WARN Y’ALL ABOUT THIS WHOLE DAMN TIME), he decided to call it quits.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 8.46.27 AM
The right trying to instigate people? SHOCKING!

Of course, the walking “My Dad’s A Lawyer” Memes who are the Proud Boys helped cement Josh’s decision.

We couldn’t agree more.
Josh has seen the light.

Life comes at you fast, Josh. If only someone had told you that the Alt-Right was made up of the worst elements of American society. You saw it for yourself first hand, and hopefully you remember that before you try to make any more Facebook groups.