Report Back – Denver March Against White Supremacy 12/2/2017

On December 2, 2017, Denver activist group Resist 5280 held a March Against White Supremacy. 2017 has been a banner year for hatecrimes, which isn’t surprising given the current political environment. One would think a march against white supremacy wouldn’t be that controversial of an event. One would be wrong.

The Denver event brought out a contingent of counter protesters. In the same way that being “anti-anti-fascist” just makes someone pro-fascist, protesting a march against white supremacy just makes them pro-white supremacy. Which isn’t surprising given the counter-protesters.

Photo expropriated from Denver Westword

Shane Reeves, pictured here condescendingly arguing with an activist, showed up with a doozy of a sign that we’ll do our best to unpack for everyone. The top text, “Globalism is Injustice” is the kind of slogan you would expect from someone who stopped intellectually developing in 3rd grade and has spent the last 5 years binge-watching Alex Jones clips. The concern from reactionaries about “globalism” is rooted in a variety of white supremacist conspiracy theories, but the gist is that the secret cabal of evil Jews who run everything are pushing multiculturalism and globalism in an effort to flood white, Western nations with masses of inferior “others” in order to destabilize those nations and essentially destroy Western Civilization (even though Friedman economics are doing a good enough job of that on their own).

Underneath that is a picture of Kate Steinle, whose accidental death has been politicized by Nazis like Richard Spencer.

Underneath Steinle’s photo is the caption “It’s Okay to be White,” which in addition to being an entirely uncontested statement by anyone, ever, is also part of a national white supremacist campaign which seeks to somehow prove that white people are the real victims. This campaign has been endorsed by Nazis like Andrew Anglin and the deranged, white genocide-believing convicted felon Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman.

Earlier this summer Reeves went to Charlottesville, where in addition to being complicit in the murder of Heather Heyer he hung out with a high-profile member of the militant Proud Boys off-shoot, Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights (FOAK), Augustus Invictus.

Reeves in the goofy helmet and plate carrier, which as a former generator mechanic he totally needed during risky repair missions on the FOB, “protecting” Invictus in the blue shirt and tie at Charlottesville in August.

August Invictus is exactly the kind of human garbage (he is a goat-murderingrapist) you would expect someone like Reeves to hang around.

Joining Reeves in counter-protesting an event opposed to white supremacy is our favorite Keystone Cops, the Colorado Springs Proud Boys. The Springs chapter of the Proud Boys have a lengthy history of making asses of themselves and of attempting to disrupt events held by people of color.


John Sexton, who at about 5’3″ is a sterling example of the master race, is a big fan of white supremacist movements.

While it’s okay to be white, it’s not okay to be a racist douche-nozzle.

The Blaster to Sexton’s Master, the walking pile of congealed mayonnaise that is Martin Moyles, was also in attendance.

We also saw Luke Purswell, who is best known for posing with the totally-not-ridiculous shields he made during their abortive attempt at a free speech rally last summer. Purswell seems to be hanging out with the College Republicans of UCCS, a Turning Point USA puppet organization responsible for bringing virulently anti-LGBTQ speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Cameron to Colorado Springs.

Purswell, center, with the UCCS College Republicans

Also in attendance and apparently oblivious to the barely-concealed dog whistles was James Miller.

We’re not sure what more needs to be said about the Colorado Springs Proud Boys, who are pretty clearly racist pieces of shit. They’re litigious racist pieces of shit, too, whose lawyer (who is also a racist piece of shit) will probably send us another “cease and desist” email, since he can’t make threats against us on Twitter.

Since the March Against White Supremacy, organizer Tay Anderson, who also spoke out against Denver’s Ink! Coffee, has received death threats.


The Proud Boys are a garbage organization of garbage human beings who associate with known racists and fascists. Fuck those cowards.


Joe Geneva – Patriot Propagandist

This Saturday, October 21st, there is a planned “Freedom Rally” at the Capitol in Denver. The Rally is being organized by one “Ty Freedom” of militia group “American Freedom Keepers.” AFK bills themselves as a kind of radical centrist militia, espousing the usual claims about the constitution. They generally seem less fanatical than the III%ers, and they have been seen here in Colorado Springs waving American flags on the Bijou/I25 overpass.

The “patriot movement” keeps its members whipped to a frothy, red, white, and blue lather through its elaborate network of live-stream pundits. Taking cues from Alex Jones and Infowars, pages like Patriot Media signal-boost angry rants recorded live on iphones and laptops from people in baseball caps worked up about trans people, gun rights, or Starbucks’ holiday cup. Their vitriolic 15-minute polemics attempt to galvanize their audience into taking political action or attending their latest rally.


Joe Geneva is a new addition to Patriot Media. Though his facebook page claims he works at “Fugitive Recovery Agency,” which seems to be some kind of bounty-hunting organization if it isn’t just another proud patriot without any actual ties to the military or law enforcement trying to look tough on the internet, he actually works at Brandon Dodge on Broadway in Littleton, Colorado.

Geneva’s live streams, like this one, hit the usual targets: liberals are bad, Trump is great, and antifa are pathetic weaklings but also a violent threat. Geneva reserves particular rancor for the LGBTQIA+ community, complaining about homosexual men and lamenting the “feminization of the American male.” Geneva frequently espouses child abuse for any gender variant children, urging parents to “smack the shit out” of their kids if they exhibit any kind gender expansive behavior or if they begin to sympathize with leftist causes. Geneva pushes the consistently debunked idea that being trans is a mental illness, calling trans people “freaks” and other slurs.

Unfortunately Geneva doesn’t leave his bullying and harassing tactics at home, but he brings them to work with him. As a salesman at Brandon Dodge on Broadway, Geneva films customers while he is taking them on test drives and then mocks the customer’s political views on his facebook page.

Liberals LOL

Companies are totally cool with their employees filming customers, right?

Is it the accepted practice of Brandon Dodge on Broadway to make customers “pay for the test drive?”
Please Joe, learn some professionalism and leave the politics at home. Also, stop being a transphobic, homophobic prick. Enjoy the hetero-normativity of unemployment.


Joe Geneva is no longer employed by Brandon Dodge on Broadway. You can watch his meltdown stream here. Skip to about 2:15.

Report Back-Houston Anarchist Book Fair 9/24/17

Today in Houston, local anarchists and other leftist groups came together to host a book fair featuring workshops, speakers, and free literature. For a city that has lost so much over the past month, one would think that such a wholesome fucking event would be free of Nazi attempts at intimidation. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in.


Between 20-30 members of the white supremacist group, Vanguard America gathered outside the book fair.  Remember them? Vanguard America made headlines in August when one of their members James Alex Fields, drove his car into a group of anti-fascists, killing Heather Heyer and injuring several others. Their members like to dress up in khakis and white polo shirts (mayo, anyone?), chant “Blood and Soil”, and look like the Nazis they are….btw, nice mask.


From a comrade:

“So, today I went to the Anarchist Book Fair in Houston. It started off on time and was going smoothly until the folks volunteering to run security had all their walkie talkies blow up with chatter. Seconds later they asked for more people to help hold the doors and Nazis were here.  At 11:30 around 20-30 white nationalists in polo shirts and white and black masks and a banner with the slogan “Blood and Soil” on it rushed towards the door. I’m uncertain if they tried to cross the door or not. By the time i got to the door, a handful were at the top of the steps shouting “Come Punch a Nazi”.

By this time, most people had masked up and the Nazis had popped white and black smoke flair’s. We made preparations to barricade the doors and people had gone to the supply closet and broke mops and brooms and passed around the Handel’s in case we needed to use them.

By this time they had gathered at the bottom of the stairs and began to chant “anti white” a few times till it petered out and they began chanting “Blood and Soil”. After 15 minutes they had left and we went out to escort people in who were attempting to attend the book fair. We saw one cop car sitting on the corner, who did not make an attempt to step in. Nobody was hurt and we went back to our fair and our scheduled workshops.”

It should also be mentioned that this comrade is currently engaging in mutal aid with Houston grassroots group. Groups such as BASH are working tirelessly to provide basic medical care and necccessities to oppressed Houston communities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

In Solidarity.


Justina Thatcher

In the aftermath of the horrific events at Charlottesville, many news outlets were quick to point out the role women have played in the white supremacist movement, and how the surge of white nationalism being experienced today is not strictly a male phenomenon. One of the women actively supporting white nationalism in Colorado Springs is Justina Thatcher.

Planer and Thatcher. Note Planer’s “love your folk” shirt with circular rune used by groups like American Vanguard.

Thatcher is the girlfriend/romantic interest of William Scott Planer, who was arrested in July for his role in vandalizing a Jewish Community Center. Planer had also served as the lead organizer in Colorado for Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) here in Colorado. The TWP supports the creation of white ethno-states and believes LGBTQ+ people and interracial couples should be sent to “reeducation camps.” Before coming to Colorado Planer had a long affiliation with the Hanmerskins and the Golden State Skinheads, participating in a violent rally in Sacramento in 2016.

Throughout Planer’s career as a white nationalist activist and organizer, Thatcher has stood by him. Even after his hate-crime arrest for vandalism, Thatcher continues to support him. She was recently seen at Planer’s extradition hearing at the El Paso County Courthouse in Colorado Springs.

Thatcher with Nazi Elliot Smith, Josh Yeakel

While there, Thatcher also met with the current TWP lead organizer, Joshua Yeakel. Like Planer and Yeakel, Thatcher is a white supremacist and a Nazi. Since Planer’s arrest another synagogue was vandalized and an entire neighborhood was defaced with racist graffiti. We’re not big gamblers here, but we bet Thatcher knows the folks responsible. We’d also bet she knows the identity of the other person who was recorded committing vandalism as well.

This week flyers for the TWP appeared near East High School in Denver. Flyers bearing the “white genocide” dog whistle, “You Will Not Replace Us,” appeared in downtown Colorado Springs. Despite what can only be described as routs in Charlottesville, Boston, and Berkeley in the last month, the Nazis in Colorado and across the nation continue their attempts to recruit and organize. Their support networks, which largely consist of “tradlife” women devoted to the cause, must be shut down. A Nazi is a Nazi, regardless of gender.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 5.28.40 AM
SkrewdriverandWhite Girl Bleed A Lot are both totally normal things for people to be into.

Charlottesville Participant: Shane Reeves

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.24.56 PM

Shane Reeves is a resident of Boulder, Colorado who took part in the Charlottesville rally last Saturday which resulted in the death of Heather Heyer. Shane is affiliated with the Colorado III%ers, and was at the June 10th March Against Sharia in Denver.

Shane in the sunglasses next to redneck Oderus Urungus
Fun fact: Shane was actually a generator mechanic in the Army. He didn’t have the guts to choose a combat arms MOS where people could actually shoot at him, so now he tries to act hard by playing dress up at political rallies with the other LARPers and mouth-breathing Ancaps. You know, when he isn’t attending explicitly racist political rallies across the country. It boggles our mind that Colorado Nazis would fly all the way to Virginia to get their asses kicked when they could do that here for free.



He also brags about being a member of other violent, racist organizations:

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.48.51 PM

If his work is sketchy about his connection to the Alt-Knights I wonder how they would feel about the fact that he went to Charlottesville? Any movers in Boulder know Shane? If so please tell him Denver Nazi Josh Yeakel said he’s a cuck.


Reeves in Charlottesville guarding goat-murderer and rapist Augustus Invictus, center in blue shirt and tie.

Statement Re: John Venezia Park

It’s come to our attention that a bunch of blatantly leftist graffiti has shown up in John Venezia Park in Briargate, featuring Hammer and Sickle iconography, the Anarchist circle A, and slogans like “Left Solida” and “Antifa.” As far as we have been able to determine, no one affiliated with our group was responsible for it.

While graffiti and acts of vandalism are a tried and true part of the radical leftist handbook, as a rule we actually try to avoid community centers and parks, which are actually designed for people, and focus on the state apparatus and edifices of capitalism. If we wanted to vandalize Briargate there are much more meaningful targets than a public park.

Facebook and Twitter are full of fake antifa pages with hyperbolic, ironic SJW language designed to undermine Anti-fascist movements and turn the public [even more] against us. People will believe what they want to believe, but the actions at John Venezia Park aren’t our doing. If we had to guess it’s probably members of the Daily Stormer crew who call themselves the “Springsreich,” who, after being doxxed by us (Hey Aureliuss!), confronted and expelled whenever they have the nerve to show their faces (Joshua Flight), and even arrested for their anti-semitic vandalism (William Scott Planer), have adopted the totally beta 4chan tactic of false flag actions. The master race strikes again!

We can’t say for certain, all we know is it wasn’t us. In the future, if you want to commit false flag actions to tie to “Antifa” tag a Starbucks or a McDonalds, slash the tires on a cop car, smash a Wells Fargo ATM, or shoplift a bunch of food from Wal-Mart and give it to a homeless shelter. We’ll totally take the credit for that.

Actions speak louder than words and fake graffiti. As always, we’ll see you on the streets.


Report Back – Co Springs Trans Rights Rally

We had been wondering what the local Nazi’s had been up to ever since their main man William Planer had been arrested on violent felony charges a couple weeks ago. As it turns out, they’ve been up to their same old shit.

For two groups that claim no affiliation with each other, The Proud Boys and the Neo-Nazis of Colorado Springs to like to employ the same lame-ass tactics as each other, namely, showing up to events hosted by peaceful liberals with the intention of supporting our marginalized communities, trying to cause a shit storm. Classy, we know.

And in the latest installment of this weak, seemingly useless tactic, we had a local neo-nazi show up to a rally at City Hall. This was a rally showing support and solidarity to our awesome trans community. You would think that they would learn their lesson and stop showing up, because they’ve had their asses kicked every time.  But I mean hey, we already knew that Nazis weren’t smart.


Sure enough, we spotted this guy, who we believe to be a Joshua E Flight, standing in the crowd, wearing a green hat with a Reichsadler pin on it. He was taking notes on the speakers, most of whom were trans, and attempting to take photo’s of anyone he thought might be a ‘threat’ to his white-ethno state ideals. Little did he know, the whole fucking community is a threat to him and his fascist ideals. If anyone know’s anything more about Joshua, please let us know. We’d love to have a conversation with him and hash this out.

As soon as Joshua was outed as a Nazi, the whole rally turned on him. He was pushed down the city hall steps and cornered. His notebook was promptly seized, and he was kept cornered until the cops showed up. As always, the cops took the side of the far right, and safely brought the nazi over to them for a nice little conversation.


“oh! cool hat”

“Thanks officer, i got it on eBay, i can tell you the seller if you’d like”

“Aw, no, that’s ok. I’ve already got a bunch at home!”

In the cop’s attempt to ‘de-escalate’ the situation (keep their Nazi comrade safe) they told Joshua to leave the area. As he left, several antifascist activists followed him around the block, eventually catching up to him a few blocks from city hall. Here, he was cornered again, and it was made VERY clear to him that he shall not be coming back to one of these events.

Shortly after, dozens of community members that had been attending the rally rushed over to the antifascists side. In a beautiful display of solidarity, about 50 members of our community made it clear to this Nazi fuck that we are stronger that his hate. Clearly flustered, he jumped into his Jeep and drove away.


Safe to say, I don’t think he’ll be back. And if he does come back, we will be ready for him.