Identity Evropa & Young Americans for Liberty Member Richard Golgart Jr.(NV)

Richard Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member

Content Warning: This post contains racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and ableist slurs.

Richard “Ricky” Golgart Jr. (19) is a Sophomore at the University of Nevada – Reno (UNR) where he is an Officer of the right-libertarian group Young Americans for Liberty as well as a member of the white supremacist organization Identity Evropa (IE) aka American Identity Movement (AmIM). Richard is a registered Republican.

The Face of White Supremacy to Come

Richard Golgart Identity Evropa Member
Richard Golgart introducing himself to the Identity Evropa Discord

Ricky’s Reddit (archive), sep7agon (Star Wars Fan forum), and Twitter (archive) accounts feature a number of gems that reflect well on the optics focused Identity Evropa/AmIM.

Richard Golgart Jr Fantasizing About Assasinating Hillary Clinton
Richard Golgart Jr. Fantasizing about assassinating Hillary Clinton (Source)
Richard Golgart Identity Evropa N_Word
Richard Golgart Jr. calling Black Americans “ni***rs” (Source)
Ricky Golgart @Mojave_Paisan Holocaust Never Happened
Richard Golgart Jr. denying the holocaust (Source)
Richard Golgart Jr. stanning for Nazism (Source)

Ricky also frequently posts about the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Ricky Golgart Alpha2224 Identity Evropa Pizza Gate

Richard Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Young Americans for Liberty
A photo of Richard Golgart Jr. at a Young Americans for Liberty action at the University of Nevada – Reno (Source)

And of course, he’s a gamer:

Ricky Golgart Alpha2224 YouTube
Ricky Golgart’s YouTube account (Archive/Screenshot Archive) where he uploads dozens of poorly viewed gaming videos.

Richard recently changed his Twitter handle to @Fremont1844 (Web Archive/Screenshot Archive) where he retweets racists memes and interacts with AmIM leader Patrick Casey.

Ricky Golgart Identity Evropa Member's Twitter Handle @Fremont1844

On Gab, Richard still goes by his old handle @Mohave_Paisan (Web Archive/Following Archive) and follows The American Nazi Party, Richard Spencer, and Daily Stormer Founder Andrew Anglin.

Ricky Golgart Following American Nazi Party on Gab

Richard Golgart Identity Evropa Member Neo-Nazi GOP
Richard Golgart Jr. photographed at a GOP midterm election viewing party

Much like AmIM member Riley Grisar, Richard shared a Google Drive folder of fascist folk songs by Byron De La Vandal with his fellow neo-Nazi’s.

Ricky Golgart Mojave Paisan FascistRicky Golgart Byron De La Vandal UploadAlso, Ricky’s dad is a cop (Archive).


Ricky Golgart Jr. plastered neo-Nazi propaganda along the Truckee River, at the University of Nevada, Reno, and at the Nevada Supreme Court.

Richard Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Flyers University of Nevada Reno
Flyers posted by Ricky at the Truckee River (Left) and at the University of Nevada – Reno (Right)
Ricky Golgart Identity Evropa Sticker at Nevada Supreme Court
One of several stickers and flyers placed by Ricky at the Nevada Supreme Court

Identifying Richard

Ricky Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member Neo Nazi

Ricky frequently posted about his airsoft guns and birdwatching on his Reddit account /u/alpha2224.

Ricky posting on /r/whatsthisbird, revealing his location
Richard Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member Airsoft Loadout
Ricky detailing his airsoft loadout on /r/airsoft

Digging through Facebook, we were able to find a “Richard” with photos of himself holding a King Arms P90 and a VegaForce Company SCAR-L, along with dozens of photos of birds taken at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ricky Golgart Identity Evropa Facebook
Richard Golgart Jr’s Facebook Page (Source / Archive)
Ricky Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member Airsoft Guns
Photos Ricky posted of himself holding the same airsoft guns he described owning on Reddit

Ricky keeps meticulous track of his bird watching ventures on his eBird account. (Archive)

UNR and White Supremacy

The University of Nevada – Reno is no stranger to white supremacy. in 2017, 30,000 people signed a petition to expel Peter Cvjetanovic, an Identity Evropa member who chanted “Jews will not replace us” at the deadly Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, which former Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo helped organize.

Former UNR student and Identity Evropa member Peter Cvjetanovic at the Unite The Right rally

The office of the dean of students at UNR can be reached here:

If you have any other information about Richard Golgart Jr., please send them through our Contact form.

Archive of Reactionary Posts


Richard Golgart Holocaust DenialRicky Golgart Mojave_Paisan Holocaust DenialRicky Golgart @Mojave_Paisan Holocaust Never Happened

Ricky Golgart Antisemitism Jewish ConspiracyRicchard Golgart Jews FBIRicky Golgart Mojave Paisan Antisemitic MemeRichard_Golgart_Mojave_Paisan_KikeRicky Golgart Mojave_Paisan Ethnic Cleansing


Richard Golgart Identity Evropa N_Word

Ricky Golgart Alpha2224 Identity Evropa RacismRichard Golgart @MojavePaisan Identity Evropa Kidnap Immigrant




Ricky Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member Pinochet
Richard advocating for a modern day fascist dictator like Augusto Pinochet in reply to an Official Whitehouse YouTube video of Vice President Mike Pence speaking in Chile



Richard Golgart Holocaust Denial

Richard Golgart Homophobe

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