Identity Evropa Member Aaron O’Regan(UT)


Last month, Patrick Casey and a bunch of other dudes from surrounding states, came to Salt Lake City to hang their xenophobic banner and take some glamour shots before fleeing back under their respective rocks. Just like they did in Denver. And Cheyenne. We get it. You’re racist. Their schtick is so played-out that people at the Block U on the University of Utah, where Identity Evropa member and goat enthusiast Manny Antonacci works, actually gave them some pushback after they unfurled their banner. Not sure how kindly they will feel about employees inviting fucking Nazis to come wave flags and banners. Casey says this event was scheduled after outrage over Manny’s stickers and flyers was expressed by the university. They are vindictive little shits.

“No one gets doxxed doing activism.”

This is Aaron O’Regan from West Jordan, Utah. He posted on the Identity Evropa discords as… Aaron O’Regan.

Holden Caufield-looking motherfucker.
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Someone never read Othello.
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Not an Idris Elba fan. The character’s name is Heimdall you poser.
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Manny giving Aaron some movie tips.
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This dude has never fucked.
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The Mormon church has a pretty serious Nazi problem.

He is a student at Salt Lake Community College which he plastered with racist flyers (as well as at Utah State University)

Aaron Oregan Identity Evropa

He is also a Gamer.

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No homo.
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Just a normal dude.