Neo-Nazi Flat Earther Steve Hildebran

Steven Andreas Hildebran is a 36 year old Neo-Nazi and amateur rapper who lives with his parents in Colorado Springs. Steven allegedly works at Lee Hing Food Services as a Warehouse Driver.

Content Warning: Explicit Homophobia, transphobia, racism, anti-semitism, & Nazi imagery.

Steven Andreas Hildebran

Steve Hildebran has been harassing the queer community in Denver for the past 6 months by posting up outside of drag events and calling all of the attendees pedophiles. These actions have been coordinated by an unholy alliance of members of the now defunct Nazi gang the Traditionalist Workers Party (Joshua Yeakal, Russell Frankland) Colorado Proud Boys (Louis Huey), and Denver Anonymous.

A still from a video of Steve Hildebran calling LGBTQIA+ people pedophiles that exposes his workplace.
Steve Hildebran protesting a drag event at Mile High Comics in a SS Totenkopf shirt.
Steve Hildebran (middle) protesting a queer event at Mile High Comics with Nazi black shirts in riot gear

When Steve is not harassing queer people or making a mockery of the yellow vest movement, he is sharing Nazi memes from his parents’ house.


Steve recently started using the handle “ConquistadorAmerican” on various social media platforms, which made it dead easy to identify all his bullshit.

Steve’ Hildebran’s BitChute profile (Archive)
Some Nazi memes from Steve’s Minds account (Archive)
Steven’s only gripe with the KKK is the freemasonry. Taken from his Discus account (Archive)

Steve is also into some really kooky conspiracy shit. Here he is protesting the (((Jews))) hiding the fact the earth is flat with his Yellow Vest comrades.

Steve Hildebran at a Yellow Vest protest in Denver
Steve_Haldebran_baking soda cancer
Steve thinks baking soda cures cancer.

Steve is also involved with the IFBStv channel on YouTube which publishes amateur anti-vaccine content.

Steve Hildebran at an antivax protest in Denver

Fash Rapper

If Steve couldn’t get any cringier, it turns out he’s a rapper, and a really bad one, at that.

Here’s a song Steve made about burning down Mile High Comics, the venue many of the drag events are being held at.

Mile High Comics get burnt down quick with mo’ gasoline […]

Cuz if cops were moral as me
Every f*g would be hangin’ from a tree
With you drag queens just a match and a little bit of gasoline
Light ’em up, burn ’em up, flame on
Till that girly man is gone
on a final vacation, in a permanent cremation

-Steven Andreas Hildebran

On one of Steve’s uploads featuring him and his fascist buddies harassing a drag event at the Bluebird Theater, one commenter suggests burning the Bluebird Theater down, which Steve “love” reacted.


Not concerning at all is that Steve has military training, according to his mother.

Steve’s mom letting her friend know what her children are up to.

Aurora Pride

Steve recently secretly recorded Aurora Pride, following known members of the queer community with his phone and shouting “Heil Hitler!” Steve and his friend later drove off, calling event attendees “pedophiles” and “f*ggots”

Stills from a video of Steve doing a sieg hail and shouting “Heil Hitler!” at Aurora Pride
Stills from a video of Steve and his friend calling people “f*ggots” and “pedophiles” at Aurora Pride


Steve Hildebran’s account on Russian social media site VK

Steve Hildebran’s repeated threats of violence against specific queer spaces and members of the Denver queer community is extremely concerning. Steve is an unapologetic neo-Nazi who infiltrates queer spaces, films people without their consent, falsely accuses of them of abhorrent crimes such as pedophilia, and then fantasizes about burning them alive in his mother’s basement. Steve Hildebran should absolutely be considered an immediate danger to any and all of us, but especially those in the Denver metro queer community.

Steve’s personal information can be found here.

Steven allegedly works at Lee Hing Food Services as a Warehouse Driver but this information is unconfirmed.

Lee Hing Food Services

If you have any tips, please send us an email securely at cospringsantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com


We criticized Steve for living with his parents. We were criticized for this as it reinforces harmful societal beliefs that to be a “successful” adult in America, one has to live on their own. These beliefs are often toxically masculine, classist, and ableist, as living alone is increasingly difficult in a rigged economy, and not viable for many people who are differently abled. We must look out for each other. Throwing people under the bus for a cheap dig at a fascist is not helpful in the long run as it reinforces harmful societal beliefs.

We have removed some of the pointed rhetoric, but still think it’s worth pointing out, as we are berated everyday with criticisms that anti-fascists “never leave our parent’s basements”.


Steve Hildebran’s Instagram account


Identity Evropa Member Connor Burgess (NV)


Connor Burgess is a 19 year old man who lives with his parents in Boulder City, Nevada, and is a member of the white supremacist hate group Identity Evropa (also known as American Identity Movement or AmIM).


Connor posted on the now leaked Anticom and Identity Evropa Discord chats as ChippedStones, where he complained about his father pushing him into wrestling from a young age.

Connor Burgess talking about his history as a wrestler on the neo-Nazi Anticom Discord chat
Connor Burgess with his father and former wrestling coach, Dan Burgess (Archive)
Screenshots from one of the many videos of Connor wrestling (Source)

Connor spent a significant amount of his youth wrestling, and according to his LinkedIn, has spent a year at the College of Southern Nevada while working at McDonalds.

Connor Burgess’ LinkedIn profile (Archive)


In April 2017, Connor indicated that he thought poorly of Identity Evropa, asking his fellow fascists in Anticom “Identity Europa is a Meme right?” Connor’s buddies told him that Identity Evropa was good, and that their then leader, Nathan Damigo, beat up an anti-fascist, which got him very excited. See the archive link for the full chat.

Connor Burgess asking about Identity Evropa in the Anticom Discord (Archive).

Eight months later, Connor joined Identity Evropa.

Connor_Burgess_Identity_Evropa_American_Identity_Movement_first post2
Connor Burgess’ first known post on an Identity Evropa server (Archive)

Connor has spent a lot of time on the Anticom and IE discords posting racist, homophobic, and antisemitic content. Here are a few examples:

Connor_Burgess_Identity_Evropa_American_Identity_Movement_racist post
Racist posts by Connor Burgess in the Anticom discord (Archive)
Connor Burgess advocating for the ethnic cleansing of the middle east (Archive)

The extent of Connor’s activism has been posting memes, going outside literally once, and recruiting one gamer to IE.

Photo taken by Connor on an IE Nevada hike. Note Kenneth Cruey in the middle.
Connor_Burgess_Identity_Evropa_American_Identity_Movement_gaming recruit
Connor Burgess being commemorated for recruiting a racist gamer (Archive)
Connor Burgess’ old username was Gills (Archive)

Connor was also the Nevada chapter leader of the now-defunct Vanguard of Liberty, a nationalist group whose largest presence is a deserted subreddit and a twitter account with 200 followers.

Connor_Burgess_Identity_Evropa_American_Identity_Movement_Vanguard of Liberty
Connor Burgess – Nevada Vanguard of America chapter leader (Archive)

Connor Burgess lives with his parents in Boulder City, Nevada, where he is registered to vote in Nevada as non-partisan, while both his parents are Republicans (note that the address here is incorrect, the street address should be 532 Katie).

Connor Burgess advocating for attacking anti-fascists in Berkeley with spray paint (Archive)

Connor uses the handle @brailseed on Twitter and Instagram. Unlike literally every other fascist we’ve outted, he doesn’t follow The Golden One, but he does follow, and is followed by, fellow Nevada Identity Evropa zoomer Kenneth Cruey.

Connor Burgess Instagram account
Connor’s Instagram
Kenneth Cruey and Connor Burgess following each other on Instagram


Another day,  another white supremacist exposed.

Even if you’re some dipshit gamer that hardly contributes anything to your white supremacist org, we’ll find you and out you so just quit while you’re ahead.

Identity Evropa Member & Former Child Actor Kenneth Cruey (NV)


Kenneth Edward Cruey is a member of the white supremacist hate group Identity Evropa (currently known as American Identity Movement or AmIM), is a registered republican, and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kenneth_Edward_Cruey_American_Identity_Movement_naziChild Actor Turned Nazi

Kenneth Cruey at the Nashville, Tennessee Identity Evropa rebranding action. The screenshot on the right shows Kenneth coordinating going to the action from leaked logs.

Kenneth’s username on the leaked Identity Evropa chat is “Kenneth – NV“. Kenneth didn’t post much, but has been active since 2017, and is responsible for a number of illegal propaganda placements around Las Vegas, in one instance, making local news.

One of many white power flyers and stickers placed at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
One of my stickers and flyers placed by Kenneth Cruey on the Las Vegas strip

Kenneth Cruey’s IMDB page lists him as an actor but hasn’t been credited in a film for about 5 years, which might make sense after watching his demo reel (Archive).

Kenneth Cruey’s IMDB profile (Archive)

When he’s not starring in shitty movies, Kenneth is flying around the world on the dime of his bourgeoisie father who made millions off the backs of taxi drivers in New York (Archive).

Kenneth Cruey’s Instagram account (Archive)
Kenneth Cruey and his brother ironically posing with Kenneth’s totaled sports car

Kenneth follows fascist accounts on Instagram, such as The Golden One, Operation Werewolf, white_people_of_the_world, and Traditional Aesthetic. (Archive of follows)

UPDATE: Since exposing Kenneth, he locked his Instagram account down and changed his handle to @w_uz_gud

Identity Evropa was not Kenneth’s only foray into white supremacy; in 2017 he registered the domain Alt-RightMeet.us (Archive).

Poor kid must’ve had a hard time finding women who wanted to date a Nazi
Kenneth’s parents made him go to a cute little military style bootcamp
Kenneth’s Facebook profile

UPDATE: Kenneth Cruey no longer attends the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.



Every single Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement member is going to be identified. Quit now, it’ll make both our lives a whole lot easier.

As always, send us tips via our contact us form, Twitter DM’s, or email.

Patriot Front Member and Lifestyle Anarchist Samuel Cordova (CO)


This release was brought to you in part by the fine folks at Rocky Mountain Antifa.

Many of y’all probably heard the recent news that queer friendly businesses on Broadway in downtown Denver have been targeted by the white supremacist hate group Patriot Front.

Patriot Front stickers plastered on Hope Tank by Samuel Cordova
Samuel Cordova placing a flyer on the Broadway Goodwill and fleeing in his car

The assailant was arrested later that week when he tried to hit Denver for a third time, this time getting chased off while trying to spray paint the window of BookBar while it hosted at Drag Queen Story Hour event at the end of Pride Month.

Samuel’s failed fascist graffiti at BookBar
Security camera footage of Samuel running up to BookBar holding spray paint in broad daylight

These same Patriot Front stickers first showed up in the area around April and were taken down an anti-fascist who was stabbed five times in the near-fatal incident. The attacker, Santi Martinez (who is not believed to be a member of Patriot Front), was not charged with any crimes.

The anti-fascist (left) who was stabbed by Santi Martinez (right) while taking down Patriot Front stickers

It is very likely that Samuel Cordova is the Patriot Front member who put up the stickers that nearly killed C, the wounded anti-fascist.

Anti-communist graffiti scrawled on the Broadway Goodwill by Samuel Cordova where an anti-fascist was nearly murdered for covering up Patriot Front stickers

Samuel Cordova

A poorly aged post from Samuel’s twitter

Samuel Cordova is a 20 year old man who lives with his parents in Lakewood, Colorado while attending MSU. Samuel is a wannabe streetwear designer with ties to the hip-hop scene in Denver.

Samuel wearing his homemade nurses mask
Samuel Cordova’s UpWork profile where he offers his services for $7.00/hour (Archive)

Identifying Samuel was easy, we just took a look at his arrest record and then found his public Facebook page thanks to his piss poor OpSec.

Samuel Cordova’s police record from his arrest outside of BookBar
Samuel Cordova’s Facebook page (Archive)
Samuel Cordova’s Facebook About Section, note that the birthday matches the one on the police record (Archive)

From there, we identified Samuel’s two twitter accounts (@Unoriginalsbyme & @NeuromancerSc) and Instagram account (@sc.unoriginals) where he posts alt-right memes, revenge porn, and photos of his gun (Archives).

Samuel posted a nearly nude photo of a woman’s butt on his alt twitter handle @NeuromancerSc, saying that she is unaware that it is being shared. “Revenge porn” under CRS 18-7-107 is defined as “posting or distributing intimate photos of people without their consent with the intention of harassing or upsetting them.” and is a class 1 misdemeanor in the state of Colorado. We have an archive of this tweet if the affected party wishes to take legal action.

Revenge porn shared by Samuel on his alt twitter account (censored by us)

Samuel Cordova is also a gun owner. This is a troublesome revelation, as Patriot Front is most notably remembered for it’s involvement in the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, which occurred when the group was still organizing under the name Vanguard America.

Samuel Cordova showing off his Sig Sauer handgun

Samuel Cordova is also a lifestyle Anarchist; he likes the aesthetics of Anarchism but isn’t down with the politics. Cute.

Samuel Cordova’s alt twitter account


Patriot Front is an unapologetically white fascist organization that was created by a rift in Vanguard America, the fascist group that murdered Heather Hayer in Charlottesville. Samuel Cordova is a danger to our community. He has already gotten one person stabbed, covered Denver in fascist propaganda, attempted a hate crime against a Pride event, distributed revenge porn, and he carries a firearm.

Samuel_Cordova_Patriot_Front_Denver_HipsterWe have received tips from people who know Samuel that he attends MSU and works at UPS. If you have any additional information about him or are a lawyer representing the woman in his revenge porn posting, please reach out to us at cospringsantifa@protonmail.com

When we said “we will find you“, we weren’t lying. We’re better at this than you.

Print your own here. Make sure to sticker/flyer with someone and be very aware of you’re surroundings, people are getting stabbed in Denver.

American Identity Movement Leader Jeremy Riesberg (CO)

Jeremy Jeffery Riesberg is the head of the Colorado chapter of the hate group American Identity Movement (AmIM, formerly known as Identity Evropa). Under the aliases “Felden”, “Jackson”, and “Andrew Jackson”, Jeremy advocates for national socialism, illegally posts white supremacist propaganda, and coordinates a network of racists in from his home in Colorado Springs. Ironically, Jeremy is married to a black woman who gave birth to their interracial child.

Felden aka Jackson

Jeremy is the reason one of our core researchers began investigating the local alt-right. Jeremy used to threaten people, particularly women and minorities, on his now-banned twitter handles @Feldenk1 and @Felden89 back in 2017. We thank you for drawing their ire, as we wouldn’t have have outed many of your chums without this comrade.

Jeremy Riesberg Talib Kweli Twitter Beef
Talib Kweli calling out Jeremy on his racist bullshit. Black Star Keep Shining

Jeremy appears to have rose up to the occasion after we outted CO AmIM’s former leader, Master Sergeant Cory Reeves who is now being investigated by the U.S. Air Force and could be facing court-martial.

Jeremy Riesberg aka Jackson American Identity Movement Colorado Chapter Leader
Jeremy’s profile from Unicorn Riot’s leaks of AmIM’s Mattermost Chat Server

Jeremy is a U.S. Army Veteran.

Jeremy Riesberg American Identity Movement Background Information Colorado
Jeremy moved to Boulder with his wife from Minneapolis, and then to Colorado Springs where they currently reside (Archive)
Jeremy Riesberg Minneapolis American Identity Movement
A photo from Jeremy’s edgier days

White Power Miscegenation

One of the more relatable things the Nazis do is support each other in major life milestones, like when they have babies. They even organize baby registries. It is very thoughtful.

“amyjeremys-baby-october-2018-coloradosprings” hmmmm.
It looks like the registry was really successful. Note the “Arrival Date”
Looks like baby was a few days late.
Poor kid.

Guess whose pretty face we found on a certain “Amy’s” Facebook page?

Jeremy Riesberg and Amy Kadrmas American Identity Movement
Amy uses the Facebook URL “blkstrider” (Archive)

That’s right, one of the prominent leaders of the white nationalist American Identity Movement is participating in white genocide by marrying and birthing children with a woman of color. Really jiggles your genotype don’t it?

Jeremy’s wife, Amy Kadrmas, celebrating her graduation with her family

Amy and Jeremy both enjoy rock climbing. Jeremy’s profile on Mountain Project shows an extensive history of climbs in and around Colorado, some of which were corroborated by Amy’s TripAdvisor profile

Jeremy changed his username on the climbing forum Mountain Project to “Jeremy A”, likely after IE’s discord was leaked, but Google didn’t get the memo.
An excerpt of a list of rock climbs from Jeremy’s Mountain Project profile
Amy Kadrmas American Identity Movement TripAdvisor
Both Jeremy and Amy (aka blkstrider) rock climbed at Devils Tower in Wyoming in May 2014 (Archive 1, 2)

Whether Amy is aware of her husband’s white supremacy is unknown, but the fact that she is in the extreme minority of black women who vote republican does raise some concerns.

Social Democrat to National Socialist

Jeremy’s journey to being the neo-Nazi leader of the most active white supremacist group in Colorado is an interesting one. Much like many of our comrades on the left, Jeremy started out as a Bernie bro, but he somehow ended up becoming a literal neo-Nazi in two short years.

Jeremy Riesberg Felden American Identity Movement Bernie Bro
Kevin MacDonald is an American Neo-Nazi author who argues that Jews are genitally programmed to destroy societies.

Jeremy didn’t just read Kevin MacDonald, he swallowed his anti-Semitic pseudo-science until he became a self-identified National Socialist.

This is what happens when your anti-capitalism is not rooted in intersectionality. Don’t do it kids, not even once. (Archive 1, 2)

Jeremy also likes to peddle far-right memes, like fashtag, to highlight the perceived problem of liberals and the left calling anyone to the right of them Nazis. On it’s surface, this is rich coming from a literal Nazi, but upon further consideration, this illuminates the likely truth that the “overzealous-left” rhetoric is largely created by fascists to recruit usefully ignorant reactionaries to do the heavy lifting of gaslighting anti-fascists and social justice advocates.

Jeremy Riesberg American Identity Movement Fashtag Jackson
A selection of tweets Jeremy has interacted with that push the “lefties call everyone they don’t agree with Nazi’s” rhetoric (Archive 1, 2, 3)
Jeremy and former CO AmIM Leader Cory Reeves on top of the Manitou Incline.

Notice that weird smudge on Jeremy’s right arm? Nazis often go to extreme lengths to cover up their more distinctive tattoos.

Whoa! It looks like his arm has been strangely photo-shopped! “Optic cucks” indeed.

Jeremy also spends a lot of time retweeting a liking fan art from the new Pokemon game. As much as Patrick Casey likes to insist that his membership is “normal and well adjusted”, they always end up being into some weird shit.

Some cool Nazi Pokemon Fan Art ya got there (Archive)

Fascist Propaganda

Jeremy is responsible for a number of illegal flyerings around Colorado:

Jeremy and Cory Reeves posting Identity Evropa stickers at the 16th Street Mall in Denver
Jeremy Riesberg Identity Evropa Breckenridge Flyer
One of many stickers posted by Jeremy in Breckenridge

Flyers posted by Jeremy at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Community College
White supremacist propaganda posted in Castle Rock by Jeremy Riesberg



Jeremy currently resides in southeast Colorado Springs with his wife and son. For more information about Jeremy, see this pastebin

Jeremy Riesberg is the second leader of Colorado Identity Evropa/AmIM that we’ve exposed. Whichever of you chucklefucks steps up to the plate, know that  you’re next. No matter how good your OpSec is, every time an employer or family member googles you, “White Supremacist” will come up. Quit while you’re ahead, we’re better than you at this.

-Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists xoxo

You will probably be kicked out of AmIM for your miscegenation, but we will never forget your white power wedgie

P.S. If you have any tips, especially about Jeremy, let us know through Twitter or our contact form.

Identity Evropa & Young Americans for Liberty Member Richard Golgart Jr.(NV)

Content Warning: This post contains racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and ableist slurs.

Richard “Ricky” Golgart Jr. (19) is a Sophomore at the University of Nevada – Reno (UNR) where he is an Officer of the right-libertarian group Young Americans for Liberty as well as a member of the white supremacist organization Identity Evropa (IE) aka American Identity Movement (AmIM). Richard is a registered Republican.

The Face of White Supremacy to Come

Richard Golgart Identity Evropa Member
Richard Golgart introducing himself to the Identity Evropa Discord

Ricky’s Reddit (archive), sep7agon (Star Wars Fan forum), and Twitter (archive) accounts feature a number of gems that reflect well on the optics focused Identity Evropa/AmIM.

Richard Golgart Jr Fantasizing About Assasinating Hillary Clinton
Richard Golgart Jr. Fantasizing about assassinating Hillary Clinton (Source)
Richard Golgart Identity Evropa N_Word
Richard Golgart Jr. calling Black Americans “ni***rs” (Source)
Ricky Golgart @Mojave_Paisan Holocaust Never Happened
Richard Golgart Jr. denying the holocaust (Source)
Richard Golgart Jr. stanning for Nazism (Source)

Ricky also frequently posts about the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Ricky Golgart Alpha2224 Identity Evropa Pizza Gate

Richard Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Young Americans for Liberty
A photo of Richard Golgart Jr. at a Young Americans for Liberty action at the University of Nevada – Reno (Source)

And of course, he’s a gamer:

Ricky Golgart Alpha2224 YouTube
Ricky Golgart’s YouTube account (Archive/Screenshot Archive) where he uploads dozens of poorly viewed gaming videos.

Richard recently changed his Twitter handle to @Fremont1844 (Web Archive/Screenshot Archive) where he retweets racists memes and interacts with AmIM leader Patrick Casey.

Ricky Golgart Identity Evropa Member's Twitter Handle @Fremont1844

On Gab, Richard still goes by his old handle @Mohave_Paisan (Web Archive/Following Archive) and follows The American Nazi Party, Richard Spencer, and Daily Stormer Founder Andrew Anglin.

Ricky Golgart Following American Nazi Party on Gab

Richard Golgart Identity Evropa Member Neo-Nazi GOP
Richard Golgart Jr. photographed at a GOP midterm election viewing party

Much like AmIM member Riley Grisar, Richard shared a Google Drive folder of fascist folk songs by Byron De La Vandal with his fellow neo-Nazi’s.

Ricky Golgart Mojave Paisan FascistRicky Golgart Byron De La Vandal UploadAlso, Ricky’s dad is a cop (Archive).


Ricky Golgart Jr. plastered neo-Nazi propaganda along the Truckee River, at the University of Nevada, Reno, and at the Nevada Supreme Court.

Richard Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Flyers University of Nevada Reno
Flyers posted by Ricky at the Truckee River (Left) and at the University of Nevada – Reno (Right)
Ricky Golgart Identity Evropa Sticker at Nevada Supreme Court
One of several stickers and flyers placed by Ricky at the Nevada Supreme Court

Identifying Richard

Ricky Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member Neo Nazi

Ricky frequently posted about his airsoft guns and birdwatching on his Reddit account /u/alpha2224.

Ricky posting on /r/whatsthisbird, revealing his location
Richard Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member Airsoft Loadout
Ricky detailing his airsoft loadout on /r/airsoft

Digging through Facebook, we were able to find a “Richard” with photos of himself holding a King Arms P90 and a VegaForce Company SCAR-L, along with dozens of photos of birds taken at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ricky Golgart Identity Evropa Facebook
Richard Golgart Jr’s Facebook Page (Source / Archive)
Ricky Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member Airsoft Guns
Photos Ricky posted of himself holding the same airsoft guns he described owning on Reddit

Ricky keeps meticulous track of his bird watching ventures on his eBird account. (Archive)

UNR and White Supremacy

The University of Nevada – Reno is no stranger to white supremacy. in 2017, 30,000 people signed a petition to expel Peter Cvjetanovic, an Identity Evropa member who chanted “Jews will not replace us” at the deadly Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, which former Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo helped organize.

Former UNR student and Identity Evropa member Peter Cvjetanovic at the Unite The Right rally

The office of the dean of students at UNR can be reached here: kimberlythomas@unr.edu

If you have any other information about Richard Golgart Jr., please send them through our Contact form.

Archive of Reactionary Posts


Richard Golgart Holocaust DenialRicky Golgart Mojave_Paisan Holocaust DenialRicky Golgart @Mojave_Paisan Holocaust Never Happened

Ricky Golgart Antisemitism Jewish ConspiracyRicchard Golgart Jews FBIRicky Golgart Mojave Paisan Antisemitic MemeRichard_Golgart_Mojave_Paisan_KikeRicky Golgart Mojave_Paisan Ethnic Cleansing


Richard Golgart Identity Evropa N_Word

Ricky Golgart Alpha2224 Identity Evropa RacismRichard Golgart @MojavePaisan Identity Evropa Kidnap Immigrant




Ricky Golgart Jr Identity Evropa Member Pinochet
Richard advocating for a modern day fascist dictator like Augusto Pinochet in reply to an Official Whitehouse YouTube video of Vice President Mike Pence speaking in Chile



Richard Golgart Holocaust Denial

Richard Golgart Homophobe

American Identity Movement & TPUSA Member Riley Grisar (NV)


Riley Grisar, the disgraced leader of TPUSA’s University of Nevada, Las Vegas Chapter, is also a member of the white supremacist organization American Identity Movement (AmIM, formerly known as Identity Evropa). Leaks from AmIM’s chat server have confirmed Grisar’s involvement in the hate group.

A short film about a Kurdish communist killing an American soldier posted by the Global Entrepreneurship Experience, a minor from the Lee Business School at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) credits and stars Riley Grisar.

Riley Grisar TPUSA YouTube Video

The sole visible comment  on the video is by an account called “Bashar Al Assad”, the name of the Syrian dictator adored by the alt-right.

Riley Grisar TPUSA YouTube comment
The sole YouTube comment on Riley’s poorly viewed film
Riley Grisar TPUSA YouTube Account American Identity Movement
Note the username in the URL bar (Riley8258) and the video from UNLV
Riley Grisar TPUSA YouTube Playlists
Riley curated playlist such as “Rhodesian Patriotic Music”, undoubtedly to celebrate the former African ethnostate beloved by neo-Nazis. Another playlist is of music by fascist folk musician by Byron de la Vandal

The username and location associated with Riley’s YouTube persona matches up with a screenshot published by Unicorn Riot from inside AmIM’s Mattermost Chat Server.

Riley Grisar American Identity Movement TPUSA Screenshot

Turning Point USA had been defending Grisar’s use of the white power “okay” sign and his chapter’s “Build The Wall” demonstration in their newspaper up until his racist words went viral. Grisar’s “Build The Wall” demonstration at UNLV was almost identical to actions put on by AmIM.

Riley Grisar Turning Point Deleted Article
Turning Point’s now deleted article defending Riley Grisar and his chapter’s “Build The Wall” demonstration (Archive)
AmIM Trump Build The Wall Tweet
American Identity Movement’s “Build The Wall” action in Berkeley, held just three weeks prior to TPUSA UNLV’s action

TPUSA released a public statement disavowing Grisar’s words two weeks after he was kicked out of his fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, because of this video. This incident adds to a long list of racist scandals that have followed Charlie Kirk and his right-wing student organization for years. In 2017, former TPUSA National Field Director Crystal Canton sent another TPUSA employee racist texts that read: “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story.” Crystal Canton was fired and replaced by Shialee Grooman who frequently tweeted out racist and homophobic slurs.

One of many racist and bigoted tweets by former TPUSA National Field Director, Shialee Grooman
One of many racist and bigoted tweets by former TPUSA National Field Director, Shialee Grooman

This past March, white supremacist propagandist and AmIM ally Nicholas Fuentes was invited to speak by Iowa State University’s TPUSA chapter where he lectured students about the “economic destiny” of different races, claiming that “the economic destiny of African-Americans in the country is no different than Africans anywhere else in the world; it is poverty!” In December 2018, then-Communications Director for TPUSA Candace Owens infamously faulted Adolf Hitler not for fascist ethnic cleansing, but for having the audacity to do fascist ethnic cleansing outside of his own country: “[I]f Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine. The problem is that he wanted — he had dreams outside of Germany.” These are just a few of examples of racism and bigotry within TPUSA, Media Matters has a comprehensive and up-to-date catalog here.

Riley Grisar’s dual carding in a full-on white fascist organization like AmIM, and a MAGA conservative group like TPUSA comes as no surprise as leaked Identity Evropa communications show concerted attempts to take power in Turning Point chapters. TPUSA’s right-wing anti-immigrant, anti-queer, and Islamophobic platform make it nearly impossible to inoculate themselves from fascists as they agree on far more than they disagree. As long as TPUSA remains a force of the American right, fascists will be there.

Riley Gristar making the white power 'OK Sign"
Riley Gristar making the white power ‘OK Sign”

Riley Grisar’s address, phone number, and party affiliation can be found here. (Archive)

Riley is a student at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas where Identity Evropa has distributed white supremacist propaganda in the past.  The email for UNLV’s Office of Student Conduct is officeofstudentconduct@unlv.edu and their phone number is 702-895-2308.

If you have any additional information about to Riley Grisar, you can submit it anonymously on our Contact Form.