Identity Evropa Flag-Waver Liam Stevens

If you’ve ever listened to Identity Evropa’s podcast (which we don’t recommend) you very quickly get the impression that Identity Evropa is a very image-conscious organization. Their national president, Patrick Casey, is quick to denounce “extremists” and brag about how Identity Evropa is full of “well-adjusted” people. It’s a great place for people who want to do racism without the usual trappings of the far-right. That was really the whole point of the group from the start. Nathan D’Amigo, the dishonorably discharged former Marine who will be remembered, if at all, for robbing a cab driver and punching a woman, thought up the group as a way to milk money out of wealthy racists who were leery of clowns like Matt Heimbach of TWP or Jeff Schoep of NSM. Casey, and his podcast, seem to be continuing that business model.

Like everything relating to right-wing politics, it all comes down to capitalist greed. At the end of the day, these prominent white supremacist groups, from Joey Gibson‘s Patriot Prayer to the failed Traditionalist Worker’s Party, are Ponzi schemes preying on the gullibility and prejudice of mediocre white guys. They invent a fake problem, usually “white genocide,” or some other nonsense, offer them a solution wrapped up in patriotism and nationalism and a lot of talk of taking back our country, and make them pay monthly dues for it. Those dues go on to pay their leaders’ salaries, as they make a living doing racism. Patrick Casey is literally a paid protester, y’all. Those funds invariably go to paying their leaders’ legal expenses, because no matter which dog whistles they use or however many pairs of white polo shirts and khaki pants they choose to cloak themselves in, they’re still the same rabid extremists once you scratch their “well-adjusted” veneer.

This is “Cory,” one of IE’s “Patron Liasons.” This Denver-area Nazi convinces rich people to give money to IE.
Without his sunglasses Cory looks like the result of an experiment that forced a blob fish to watch 1,000 hours of Stefan Molyneux videos.


The recent doxxing of Identity Evropa member Heather Collins by Unite the Right survivor and pro Nazi-doxxer Emily Gorcenski, and the leaks of their super-racist discord chats that Heather took part in show that “identitarian” is really just “racist” with extra steps. Like Collins, our own doxx of Caleb Kohl shows when Casey says “well-adjusted” he really means “weirdly obsessed with race, Jewish conspiracy theories, and the reproductive faculties of white women.”

Casey’s focus on daylight activism and showing faces during their rallies has been a way to distance themselves from the people he calls “LARPers” and it is successful as long as a level of anonymity is maintained. As long as all we see are smiling white dudes with patriotic banners he is able to maintain the illusion, but once we put names to faces and see their chat logs, their youtube likes, or their facebook posts, that illusion is gone. Casey goes to great pains to ensure his members that what they are doing is safe. He constantly says “No one gets doxxed doing activism.” He’s doing the same thing Matt Heimbach and Richard Spencer did. He’s lying to y’all, all the way to the bank. Would you like to meet someone who got doxxed from doing activism? Just wait!

Identity Evropa’s GAB account (why not twitter, you ask? LOL) bragging about their postings on the campus of Front Range Community College, with a helpful suggestion from “Nogger Man,” whose vowel-shift here clearly shows the kind of “well-adjusted” people the group attracts.

These dudes love posting bullshit. It’s an effective strategy. One person with some wheatpaste and laser printer can cover a wide area, and it can make it seem like your organization is HUGE. We’ve been doing the same thing for a while now. Identity Evropa has taken this leftist organizing strategy, and fueled by the dues-money collected from the brave identitarians intent on protecting the white race, turned it into a national strategy. Their social media accounts, the few they have left, are an homage to their vandalism skills.

Identity Evropa has been going ham on their postings on the Southeast side of town. Generally, Identity Evropa’s adherents stick to legal activism. They broke the law in Greeley when they posted there, but they’ve taken things to a whole new level in the Deerfield Hills neighborhood of Colorado Springs, which is no stranger to racist bullshit.

press F to pay respects
They’ve discovered stencils! These vandals are no better than Antifa! *clutches pearls*

They have been spray painting over our stickers with teal paint, like some kind of gang-style turf war. They’re really going out of their way to show their presence, to give the appearance of numbers and organization, but it is important to remember it is all a show. Remember Cory, the red-pilled blob fish? He does appear in A LOT of IE posts. Actually, when you start analyzing their posts, the same faces keep appearing.

WYO2 copy
Here’s Cory in Wyoming.
Here we have two Denverites participating in a recent rally in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It’s almost as if they are recycling the same banner and the same people to stage photo ops in different locations to give the appearance of national support. The banner was originally seen at their Civic Center Park rally back in November.

“Lawrence” at the front of a row of flag bearers.
The other row of flag bearers. Who is the leader of this row?

These boys sure love their flags. The guy in the front row seemed really familiar to a friend of ours at Front Range Community College. The cool thing about not being a fucking Nazi is that you can actually talk to neighbors and community members, and once you establish some healthy relationships you can actually set up a vast, state-wide network to share information. That is how Liam James Stevens of Broomfield, Colorado was doxxed doing activism.

Hi Liam.

Liam’s social media is just as “well-adjusted” as that of Heather Collins and Caleb Kohl.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 5.35.05 PM
Typical Alt-Right pages. Liam is a big fan of “The Alternative Hypothesis,” or “Alt-Hype” as he calls it.

The Brother Nathanael like is interesting, as it illustrates the growing connection between far-right groups like Identity Evropa and, of all things, the Russian Orthodox Church. Orthodox religions, which are often seen as the “most conservative” of conservative institutions seem to attract fashy types. Proud Boy Luke Purswell also has ties to Orthodox religion.

Like Kohl, the real fun begins when you check out Liam’s youtube account. Youtube has been criticized, rightly, for allowing white supremacists to use the platform to proselytize children (Liam is not old enough to purchase alcohol).

He’s a big fan of IE’s youtube content.
Who doesn’t have a playlist called “Hate Crime Time”? It’s something every well-adjusted person should be into.
Totally normal stuff from Alt Hype.

Also, this video, which features the IE logo at the bottom right, is a weirdly obsessive video about a Cosplayer. Liam posted it on his Reddit account. As much as we love roasting Nazis even we are at a loss about what to say about this. It clearly speaks to someone being well-adjusted.

Liam has since deleted this video, but it looked like this:

He appears to be weirdly obsessed with this YouTuber, in a way that is reminiscent of a lot of incel discourse.


Liam is currently a student at Front Range Community College, where, were I a betting man, I’d say he is responsible for the influx of Identity Evropa garbage on their campus. The Dean of Student Affairs is Kyla Antony and she can be reached at (970) 204-8362 Kyla.Antony@frontrange.edu

Liam Stevens, the youthful flag waver of Colorado’s Identity Evropa chapter. Doxxed doing activism.

Y’all realize you’re just paying dues to get doxxed, right? Casey’s empty promises are the same ones Heimbach and Spencer and all the other shills have been passing off for years. Identity Evropa’s cause is as misguided and doomed as every other “identitarian” cause since Sherman torched Atlanta. You Fascists are Bound to Lose.

All the teal paint and stickers and posters and staged photo ops in the world aren’t going to stop demographic change. It’s like fighting entropy. Your vision of the world is completely at odds with all empirical evidence. Fucking Tennessee just made it illegal to discriminate against trans people, and if that isn’t a sign of the times I don’t know what is. We will replace you, and your activism is simply the tantrums of men who have only recently begun to realize their irrelevance.

Fuck off, Nazis.

ElDoradoCanyon copy


Identity Evropa Videographer Caleb Kohl

The most active and visible white supremacist group here in Colorado this year has been Identity Evropa. Their stickers and posters have appeared across the Front Range, in Colleges and Universities like UC-Boulder and UCCS here in Colorado Springs. They’ve done pop-up demonstrations, like the one last month at Civic Center Park in Denver.

Identity Evropa propaganda we covered up at Academy and Woodmen in Colorado Springs.

Identity Evropa has been designated as a hate group by the SPLC and the ADL. They were founded by former Marine and felon Nathan D’Amigo, who is famous for punching a woman at Berkeley. Identity Evropa was present at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville in 2017. They marched with James Alex Fields, who drove his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of anti-fascists, injuring many and killing Heather Heyer. He is currently rotting in Jail, finishing week 1 of his 419 year sentence.

James Alex Fields

You can call them what you want, and “Nazis” is as good of a semantic title as any. Identity Evropa prefers the term “identitarian,” and they are by far the most palatable of the modern white supremacist groups. Often decried as “optic cucks” by more explicitly Nazi organizations like the now-defunct Traditional Workers Party, they are very concerned about their aesthetic. They eschew the armbands and jackboots in favor of suits, ties, and lapel pins. Instead of the usual swastika their logo is the “dragon’s eye,” a weird take on the Mercedes symbol.

Identity Evropa’s logo.
Former CSU Ft. Collins student Clark Canepa and Identity Evropa national president, Patrick “McLovin” Casey. They are very dapper Nazis.
Casey’s old fake ID.

Identity Evropa tries to bill itself as a kind of whites-only fraternity, a group united by “European Heritage.” They lean heavily on the “white people are victims” narrative, and much of the group’s podcast, Identitarian Action, focuses on “demographic replacement.” Casey tries to defend his group as simply looking out for the future of the white race, and he frequently casts white people as the victims of forced diversity. He name-drops Hegel, avoids slurs, and often refers to minorities as “not all bad people.” By all accounts he’s working really hard to make Identity Evropa the “nice Nazis.”

Except his rhetoric is just thinly veiled “white genocide” theories, the underlying assumptions of which are firmly grounded in antisemitism, white supremacy, misogyny, and good ol’ fashioned American racism.

Throughout the podcast, Casey works hard to emphasize how important anonymity is in Identity Evropa, and he ensures prospective members tuning in that his group will work hard to protect the identities of their members, due to fears of “left-wing terrorism” (LOL). However, Casey’s concerns probably have more to do with the fact that once you scratch the surface of their organization and look at their members, it becomes very obvious they the only difference between Identity Evropa and boot-stomping, sieg-heiling, violence-committing skinheads like William Scott Planer is their A E S T H E T I C.

For example, let’s take a look at Identity Evropa videographer, Caleb Kohl. Caleb appeared on the “Defend the Rockies” episode of Identitarian Action, discussing their latest action.


He is introduced at 1:07 and speaks throughout the podcast about “the power of video.” You can compare his distinctive midwestern accent (Caleb is originally from Ohio) to the voicemail on his business phone. If audio analysis isn’t your thing, you can also see him in the Identity Evropa propaganda photos they took at Eldorado Canyon State Park.

Look at all these fucking Nazis. As a videographer Caleb knows the importance of high-quality photos.
He is hanging out next to Cowboy hat guy (what is it with these dudes and cowboy hats???), with his signature Joey Fatone inspired facial hair.

Caleb definitely fits the mold of the nice-guy Nazi. His facebook and instagram accounts seem pretty nice. He likes legos and takes playful photos in a kigu. He seems to work closely with a faith-based non-profit, Cross Purpose, a group which prominently features photos of people of color on their social media. I mean, he definitely doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would carry torches through the University of Virginia campus shouting “Jews will not replace us!” or viciously attack a bunch of protesters.

The caption is ours.
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 8.50.08 AM
Even Nazis like legos.

But if you dig around Caleb’s facebook, some cracks start to show.

KohlFaceBook KohlFacebook2

He likes Students for Western Civilisation, which seems to be the Canadian equivalent of Identity Evropa, and a racist meme page called “White people Inventions and Innovations. You’re Welcome.” It is exactly what you would think it is.

That’s some pretty edgy stuff, right? But not terrible. We’ve definitely seen worse. It gets a little more interesting when you check out Caleb’s Twitter.

He knows we can see his “likes” right?
He “likes” a lot of Nazi bullshit.

His twitter likes run the gamut from generic Republican (Donald Trump, National Review) to full-on fascist (Richard Spencer, Stefan Molyneux, and of course Identity Evropa).

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 9.19.36 AM
Totally normal thing for a person to like, and something that is very representative of Identity Evropa’s ideology.
Totally normal twitter account to like posts from.

As bad as his twitter account is, his youtube account is the real goldmine of Nazi bullshit. Many people have noted the connection between youtube content and white supremacy, and how white supremacists use social media and niche online culture to radicalize others. Recently youtube-user PewDiePie, one of the platform’s most successful content creators, has received criticism for being a fucking Nazi. Youtube definitely seems to be where Caleb consumes most of his Nazi content.

What is the JQ? Acknowledging “Jewish Question” is one of the first steps in becoming “redpilled.”
“Why I Support White Nationalism” and videos with “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell
Homophobia and conspiracy theories mixed in with RDR2 reviews (I bet Caleb didn’t kill the klan members)
Why Democracy is bad (LOL), more JQ stuff, and that white genocide poster child, South Africa
More homophobia and anti-immigrant conspiracy theories.
Misogyny as well!
And there is the racism! Caleb is really checking all the “Am I a Nazi?” boxes!

Caleb also has a Soundcloud account! And he uses this music-sharing platform to… do Nazi shit of course. He is a big fan of a user named Vanguard, whose name is probably a reference to Vanguard America, which is now Patriot Front. He makes tedious electronic music that sounds like the soundtrack to “Double Dragons.”


In addition to being a Nazi, Caleb runs his own wedding videography business called Chlorofil, where he makes wedding videos for people that look exactly like the shitty Identity Evropa propaganda videos he makes.

12/16/2018 UPDATE: This moral coward doesn’t have the courage to stand by his shitty convictions. He deleted his twitter accounts and youtube playlists, but check out these archived links:




Look at this fucking Nazi.

So that’s Caleb Kohl, owner of Chorofil Videography and a Denver area Nazi. We’ll continue our work on identifying and outing members of Identity Evropa and other fascist groups. You stay classy, Colorado.

David Reid Ross for House District 12

This is about David Ross, the GOP Candidate running for House District 12 (Lafayette, Louisville).

I will link his relevant info up here at the top, then prove that these links belong to him, then show some of problematic posts we found of his. The dude posts A LOT so there’s probably loads of shit we missed.

We have made a backup of his websites and Discus profile incase anything goes dark as well as a bunch of screenshots.

The URL’s for the House Of David blog are weird, sometimes you need to scroll down to get to the post.


Dave Ross for District 12 on PoliticalBank

  • “Whenever you decide to move to a new home, what do you look for first? That’s right – the qualities of the people you will be living near. “How good the schools are”; “how safe the area” – let’s face it, it is all just code. We deserve an immigration policy that, also, looks to the qualities of the people coming in. Illegal “sanctuary” cities by definition select for criminals.”

Dave Ross for District 12 on Ballotopedia

David Reid Ross – Author of Islamic Studies books on Amazon

David Reid Ross – Amazon Review Profile

  • Exclusively reviews books on Islam, links to personal site about his works on Islam and the Quran

Zimriel Project Website

  • Website about his books on Islam

The House of David – Dave’s personal blog

David’s Discus profile (article comment section)

Zimriel YouTube account

Proof of ID

  1. In this YouTube video about Islamic Studies1, the author himself as “David Ross” on the YouTube account “zimriel”
  2. Blog Post signed as “David Ross”2
  3. Personal website claims ownership by “David Ross”, and mentions having written under an assumed name of J.W. Salopy3 4
    1. House of David post mentions having written under the name “J.W. Salopy”5

We found some more connections, but these are the strongest and most convincing in our opinion, happy to share more if you feel like it is not strong enough.

Problematic Shit


I’ll just repeat that Islam is false and evil, and that Muslims have no place in any position of responsibility…those who hold that Islam is true are holding to a wicked delusion, and deserve discrimination. A Muslim’s essential crime is Islam, and that is a crime sufficient for me. It should be sufficient for any honest and self-respecting State.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.06.47 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.07.24 PM

“…there’s no point in apologising for Israel. Accept it – you took your land back, from a nation of villains; and you saved Judaism from her enemies, West and East. Celebrate that victory!”

White Supremacy

“If you love black people: never, never let them vote.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.07.38 PM

If blacks wish to be perceived better than white racists perceive them, they can start by not proving them right”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.07.54 PM

Describes Robert E. Lee as a patriot (links to Robert E. Lee)

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.08.02 PM

Hyping up racist scientist Charles Murray

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.08.13 PM

“‘Be aware of your surroundings’ is code. It means ‘watch out for young black people’ and, also unspoken, steer clear of them.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.08.24 PM

“I lived in Houston for a long, long time. I witnessed many crime-waves in that time. I also could not help but notice which demographics committed these crimes. For awhile, I could make believe that it was under control. Then came Katrina and the effects of the “sanctuary city” policy. In Houston, I had a lot less to fear from a white hooligan wannabe-thug riot than from a pack of feral ‘youths’ who do this for a living. I expect this is true of most cities in the US.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.08.36 PM

Justifying Jim Crowe

The outrages of 1865 and 1866…proved that enough blacks were ignorant or wicked that white civilians could not trust them with power over them…”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.08.45 PM

White Genocide 🙁


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.08.56 PM

Anti-MLK Rhetoric

“I will not be allowing – say – Martin Luther King’s hate-speech against my race to be forgotten.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.09.18 PM

“MLK marched to keep whites in subservience to blacks for eternity.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.09.28 PM

Shitting on Jeff Hayes for supporting MLK Jr.

“This is why you fail”


“I’d be fine with a Franco or ‘Austrofascist’ regime as long as it maintained property rights for the law-abiding and could protect itself from threats at home and abroad. (Other names on my roll of honour: Trujillo, Salazar, Ian Smith…) That Mises supported Dollfuss and Schuschnigg means that “Austrofascism” is more like Pinochet in Chile, who hosted Milton Friedman.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.09.38 PM



Link 1 2


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.10.10 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.10.23 PM


“I’m increasingly thinking that Handmaid’s Tale might be utopia”

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.10.34 PM

Other bullshit

His blog links to a bunch of other really hateful sites on the sidebar, like:

  • Jew Among YouRace realism, libertarianism and Jewry
  • DeclinationBlogging In The Decline of Western Civilization (race ‘realist’ shit)
  • American RennaisanceNews and commentary on interracial crime, race differences, white advocacy, Third World immigration, anti-white racism, and white identity.

Personal Info

David Reid Ross aka Dave Ross aka Zimriel

Works as a software Engineer at Robert Half Technology in Louisville, CO.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.10.51 PM

Voter Registration (as of 2012)

Identity Evropa and Patriot Front


So in the last 24 hours our Facebook page has been flooded by reactionary trolls. They have let us know in no uncertain terms their feelings towards immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and women. They are hateful, small-minded folks who think they are somehow hurting our feelings with their bullshit. Their nonsense is total projection. They insult us for being weak, effeminate, queers (which, yea, is true, we’re a bunch of LGBTQ+ people and most of us are sassy bottoms), and call us “keyboard warriors” but the fact is we have been kicking ass in Colorado for over two years now, and we’re not fucking going anywhere.

Remember when we all wore black bloc at the March Against Sharia, marching, chanting, and throwing down against TWP without passing out?

They’re all probably riled up over our recent post about Zach Lightner and Shane Reeves. They have been posting the usual alt-right rhetoric on our page: we’re the real fascists, Nazis aren’t real, we all live in our mom’s basement, blahblahblah. It’s surreal how disconnected from reality all these people are.

IEFlyer CommieFlyer

These flyers showed up on the UCCS campus last spring. Identity Evropa are a well known hate group who participated in Unite The Right and has a reputation for harassing college professors. Shortly after the Identity Evropa posters showed up some generic anticom-style posters showed up on campus with a discord link. Following the Torch Points of Unity, we went were they went. It was a kind of experiment. Our hypothesis was that the “physically remove communists” rhetoric is almost always a cover for Nazi bullshit. What did we discover?

Hmmm. Maybe they are just right-wing and not Nazis.
Oh Wait…

So yea, the dude posting anti-com posters is a fucking Nazi. Who would have guessed?

One of the other dudes in the chat is an admitted “white nationalist.” We have a theory about this dude, since “Sadboys” was the title of our original dox post about the Proud Boys (which they had their asshole lawyer send us a cease and desist letter about…) and we’ve noticed the distinctive use of the term “manlet” by Springs Proud Boy Jack Sexton. It is probably just a whole bunch of coincidences though. Because the Proud Boys are definitely not Nazis.
If you hang around long enough and reply “LOL” to racist jokes they eventually invite you to the statewide Nazi chat.
Nazis also keep some interesting company. CSS here refers to “Colorado Springs Socialists.” Something to keep in mind next time someone talks to you about “dividing the left.”
In the state chat there is plenty of white resentment. Spikes97 is SammyBoy from the UCCS chat.
Remember the tradition of Nazis getting their asses kicked? We’re all about that #tradlife
When you take the swastikas off then you can go on antifa pages and say “Nazis aren’t real LOL”
They look to Europe as a model. We do too.
They are plugged into national orgs, we’re thinking this cell might be the ones behind the new Patriot Front chapter here. Or some mix of these guys and the TWP rejects.
Hey, moderate right-wingers, sick of people lumping you in with Nazis? Maybe stop letting Nazis blend in with your movements.
They very respectful discussion of women in this chat.
inb4 “all leftists are pedos”





Note their contempt for both mainstream Republicans AND our soldiers in WWII. All those American flag icons in our mentions realize these are folks you’re allying yourself with, right?
Most of these folks are in the Denver Metro area.
Lots of gun talk in the chat, which isn’t at all alarming.
There’s a lot going on in this picture.
So of course they hate trans people. Classic Nazis. They also hate furries, which is weird when you consider the existence of furry Nazis.


So this is where I lost my stomach for this chat. It was a vague message with uncorroborated details but Nazis using minecraft servers to essentially force-femme boys is abhorrent on a level that I can’t handle. Literally everything the far-right says about the left is projection.

Shortly after we left the discord chat Patriot Front and Identity Evropa started ramping up propaganda campaigns, including dropping this dumbass banner on the I-25/Baptist Rd. Overpass in Monument. We tore it the fuck down ASAP, then we used it to raise over $800 for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. Fuck you, Nazis.

We’re gay as hell and we fight fascists.


IMG_1619Even the non-radical residents of Colorado Springs are fucking sick of Nazis.


IEAsshole 6F548B2A-2D40-4EA7-BC7D-EF46546F31C3

This guy is one of the main organizers for Identity Evropa. He seems to stick to the Denver Metro area.

Here he is posting stickers on the 16th Street Mall in Denver.

It is hard to tell from the photo but the guy with him might be A.J. Bell from Colorado Springs.

Bell engaged with an Identity Evropa tweet about postings at UC Boulder. Baldo is probably Felden89.

Bell has a smashwords account where he wrote some very… interesting stuff. A weird melange of men’s rights rhetoric and pretentious prose with some major egg vibes (stop being a Nazi and go read “Nevada”).

These are some vile pieces of shit. You can get into all the semantic arguments you want. They aren’t technically Nazis, whatever. They’re definitely asshole pieces of shit, and we’re going to fight them. We’re going to fight them and their apologists and supporters and all the juvenile troll campaigns from all the “patriots” in the world isn’t going to stop us.






Proud Boy Zach Lightner

On August 4th, 2018, Joey Gibson held his latest Patriot Prayer event. Like most of his events it was a thinly-veiled excuse to terrorize the city of Portland. The rhetoric leading up to the event was full of references to “cleansing” the streets of Portland. Gibson and his ilk didn’t have to do much, because the Portland Police Bureau decided to violently unleash the wrath of the state on the Anti-Fascist protesters while shielding literal Nazis.

For some reason, Proud Boys from across the nation traveled to Portland to support Gibson. Even with the out of state auxiliaries, Gibson was still hopelessly outnumbered.

One of the Proud Boys who travelled to Portland for the promise of commiting acts of violence, arm-in-arm with guys with Confederate Flag shields and Kek costumes was Peyton resident Zach Lightner.


Lightner, and his goofy fucking cowboy hat, have become a regular part of the Colorado Springs Proudboys traveling shit show. His distinctive cowboy hat was caught on camera with Unite The Right participant and former generator-mechanic-turned-GI-Joe Shane Reeves, who was filmed conspiring to commit kidnapping.

When you never left the FOB on active duty but you want to look tough for the “soyboys”
Lightner adding the finishing touches to a Blue Lives Murder flag.

While they were in town they made sure to pose for a photo op with the Portland Fascists

Lightner (with that fucking hat…) next to “Tiny” Toese, a violent extremist. In the Front row, sporting the CNN Fake news shirt is Louis Huey, a Denver-area InfoWars wannabe.
Totally normal stuff, nothing to look at here.

The Proud Boys in Colorado have an extensive history of organizing violent events and trying to crash events held by local activists. They have a particular boner for the Empowerment Solidarity Network, an activist group made up of people of color who have organized critical viewings of Childish Gambino’s “This is America” and workshops on toxic masculinity.



Russ Frankland – Traditionalist Worker Party Colorado 2/2/2018

2018 has been busy, folks. We started off with a ridiculous snowball fight with some Proud Boys and Martin Meyers at the Womxn’s March that is barely worth mentioning and had a major confrontation with members of the Traditionalist Worker Party at a Turning Point USA Event in Fort Collins, Colorado. The week prior to the event, five people were spotted putting up “My Borders, My Choice” and “It’s Okay To Be White” flyers. They yelled “See you Friday, Fa**ots!” at participants in an anti-Trump noise demo in Fort Collins.

Flyers removed from campus
4 of the people seen putting up the flyers.
On the right, in black, is the lead organizer for the Traditionalist Worker Party here in Colorado, Josh Yeakel.
The 5th member of the flyering party.

During the TPusa event, a contingent of masked, armed men chanting slogans like “Blood and Soil,” and “Jews Will Not Replace Us” showed up as the police were kettling a coalition of anarchists, IWW members, and members of the Front Range John Brown Gun Club away from the event. You can see Unicorn Riot’s coverage of the incident below (CW: Racial Slurs, Violence):

One of the Traditionalist Worker Party members has been identified as Russ Frankland of Golden, Colorado.


Frankland used his flashlight to assault a number of protesters.
Franklin was armed with a shield and flashlight.
His friends call him Russ. We call him flashlight douche.

Russell “Russ” Frankland used to post on the daily stormer with the username “BrabarossaUSA,” a reference to Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union during WWII. Which failed, miserably, by the way. He’s buddies with Aureliuss and Josh Yeakel. He’s been hanging with the Stormer crowd since at least March of last year, when he was spotted with Yeakel at a march at the Denver Capitol.




Russell lives in Lakewood, near Golden, but he works at Frankland’s Food Management, a family business.

In addition to Frankland, we believe these members of the flyering group correspond to these Nazis from the 2/2/2018.

Chinbeard guy has a distinctive haircut.


This guy claimed to be an Aryan Circle member.
He has a distinctive head tattoo.


This guy, with his stubby legs and penchant for amateur cinematography, might be WhiteRussian.

If you can identify any of these guys we’d love to know, so please contact us if you have any information. But be careful, because they are Nazis who have a habit of violently assaulting people.





Report Back – Denver March Against White Supremacy 12/2/2017

On December 2, 2017, Denver activist group Resist 5280 held a March Against White Supremacy. 2017 has been a banner year for hatecrimes, which isn’t surprising given the current political environment. One would think a march against white supremacy wouldn’t be that controversial of an event. One would be wrong.

The Denver event brought out a contingent of counter protesters. In the same way that being “anti-anti-fascist” just makes someone pro-fascist, protesting a march against white supremacy just makes them pro-white supremacy. Which isn’t surprising given the counter-protesters.

Photo expropriated from Denver Westword

Shane Reeves, pictured here condescendingly arguing with an activist, showed up with a doozy of a sign that we’ll do our best to unpack for everyone. The top text, “Globalism is Injustice” is the kind of slogan you would expect from someone who stopped intellectually developing in 3rd grade and has spent the last 5 years binge-watching Alex Jones clips. The concern from reactionaries about “globalism” is rooted in a variety of white supremacist conspiracy theories, but the gist is that the secret cabal of evil Jews who run everything are pushing multiculturalism and globalism in an effort to flood white, Western nations with masses of inferior “others” in order to destabilize those nations and essentially destroy Western Civilization (even though Friedman economics are doing a good enough job of that on their own).

Underneath that is a picture of Kate Steinle, whose accidental death has been politicized by Nazis like Richard Spencer.

Underneath Steinle’s photo is the caption “It’s Okay to be White,” which in addition to being an entirely uncontested statement by anyone, ever, is also part of a national white supremacist campaign which seeks to somehow prove that white people are the real victims. This campaign has been endorsed by Nazis like Andrew Anglin and the deranged, white genocide-believing convicted felon Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman.

Earlier this summer Reeves went to Charlottesville, where in addition to being complicit in the murder of Heather Heyer he hung out with a high-profile member of the militant Proud Boys off-shoot, Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights (FOAK), Augustus Invictus.

Reeves in the goofy helmet and plate carrier, which as a former generator mechanic he totally needed during risky repair missions on the FOB, “protecting” Invictus in the blue shirt and tie at Charlottesville in August.

August Invictus is exactly the kind of human garbage (he is a goat-murderingrapist) you would expect someone like Reeves to hang around.

Joining Reeves in counter-protesting an event opposed to white supremacy is our favorite Keystone Cops, the Colorado Springs Proud Boys. The Springs chapter of the Proud Boys have a lengthy history of making asses of themselves and of attempting to disrupt events held by people of color.


John Sexton, who at about 5’3″ is a sterling example of the master race, is a big fan of white supremacist movements.

While it’s okay to be white, it’s not okay to be a racist douche-nozzle.

The Blaster to Sexton’s Master, the walking pile of congealed mayonnaise that is Martin Moyles, was also in attendance.

We also saw Luke Purswell, who is best known for posing with the totally-not-ridiculous shields he made during their abortive attempt at a free speech rally last summer. Purswell seems to be hanging out with the College Republicans of UCCS, a Turning Point USA puppet organization responsible for bringing virulently anti-LGBTQ speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Cameron to Colorado Springs.

Purswell, center, with the UCCS College Republicans

Also in attendance and apparently oblivious to the barely-concealed dog whistles was James Miller.

We’re not sure what more needs to be said about the Colorado Springs Proud Boys, who are pretty clearly racist pieces of shit. They’re litigious racist pieces of shit, too, whose lawyer (who is also a racist piece of shit) will probably send us another “cease and desist” email, since he can’t make threats against us on Twitter.

Since the March Against White Supremacy, organizer Tay Anderson, who also spoke out against Denver’s Ink! Coffee, has received death threats.


The Proud Boys are a garbage organization of garbage human beings who associate with known racists and fascists. Fuck those cowards.