American Identity Movement & TPUSA Member Riley Grisar (NV)


Riley Grisar, the disgraced leader of TPUSA’s University of Nevada, Las Vegas Chapter, is also a member of the white supremacist organization American Identity Movement (AmIM, formerly known as Identity Evropa). Leaks from AmIM’s chat server have confirmed Grisar’s involvement in the hate group.

A short film about a Kurdish communist killing an American soldier posted by the Global Entrepreneurship Experience, a minor from the Lee Business School at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) credits and stars Riley Grisar.

Riley Grisar TPUSA YouTube Video

The sole visible comment  on the video is by an account called “Bashar Al Assad”, the name of the Syrian dictator adored by the alt-right.

Riley Grisar TPUSA YouTube comment
The sole YouTube comment on Riley’s poorly viewed film
Riley Grisar TPUSA YouTube Account American Identity Movement
Note the username in the URL bar (Riley8258) and the video from UNLV
Riley Grisar TPUSA YouTube Playlists
Riley curated playlist such as “Rhodesian Patriotic Music”, undoubtedly to celebrate the former African ethnostate beloved by neo-Nazis. Another playlist is of music by fascist folk musician by Byron de la Vandal

The username and location associated with Riley’s YouTube persona matches up with a screenshot published by Unicorn Riot from inside AmIM’s Mattermost Chat Server.

Riley Grisar American Identity Movement TPUSA Screenshot

Turning Point USA had been defending Grisar’s use of the white power “okay” sign and his chapter’s “Build The Wall” demonstration in their newspaper up until his racist words went viral. Grisar’s “Build The Wall” demonstration at UNLV was almost identical to actions put on by AmIM.

Riley Grisar Turning Point Deleted Article
Turning Point’s now deleted article defending Riley Grisar and his chapter’s “Build The Wall” demonstration (Archive)
AmIM Trump Build The Wall Tweet
American Identity Movement’s “Build The Wall” action in Berkeley, held just three weeks prior to TPUSA UNLV’s action

TPUSA released a public statement disavowing Grisar’s words two weeks after he was kicked out of his fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, because of this video. This incident adds to a long list of racist scandals that have followed Charlie Kirk and his right-wing student organization for years. In 2017, former TPUSA National Field Director Crystal Canton sent another TPUSA employee racist texts that read: “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story.” Crystal Canton was fired and replaced by Shialee Grooman who frequently tweeted out racist and homophobic slurs.

One of many racist and bigoted tweets by former TPUSA National Field Director, Shialee Grooman
One of many racist and bigoted tweets by former TPUSA National Field Director, Shialee Grooman

This past March, white supremacist propagandist and AmIM ally Nicholas Fuentes was invited to speak by Iowa State University’s TPUSA chapter where he lectured students about the “economic destiny” of different races, claiming that “the economic destiny of African-Americans in the country is no different than Africans anywhere else in the world; it is poverty!” In December 2018, then-Communications Director for TPUSA Candace Owens infamously faulted Adolf Hitler not for fascist ethnic cleansing, but for having the audacity to do fascist ethnic cleansing outside of his own country: “[I]f Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine. The problem is that he wanted — he had dreams outside of Germany.” These are just a few of examples of racism and bigotry within TPUSA, Media Matters has a comprehensive and up-to-date catalog here.

Riley Grisar’s dual carding in a full-on white fascist organization like AmIM, and a MAGA conservative group like TPUSA comes as no surprise as leaked Identity Evropa communications show concerted attempts to take power in Turning Point chapters. TPUSA’s right-wing anti-immigrant, anti-queer, and Islamophobic platform make it nearly impossible to inoculate themselves from fascists as they agree on far more than they disagree. As long as TPUSA remains a force of the American right, fascists will be there.

Riley Gristar making the white power 'OK Sign"
Riley Gristar making the white power ‘OK Sign”

Riley Grisar’s address, phone number, and party affiliation can be found here. (Archive)

Riley is a student at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas where Identity Evropa has distributed white supremacist propaganda in the past.  The email for UNLV’s Office of Student Conduct is officeofstudentconduct@unlv.edu and their phone number is 702-895-2308.

If you have any additional information about to Riley Grisar, you can submit it anonymously on our Contact Form.

Jovi Val’s BFF Curtis DeGroote

Yesterday we released info about CSU Admissions worker Rob Adams, one of the moderator’s of David Huntwork‘s MAGA Trump – Colorado Facebook group. We released our article on Rob following the receipt of a ridiculous attempt at strong-arming from members of this “patriot group,” who threatened to visit an activist who has nothing to do with our collective at his home.

“Oh, you guys just call everyone a Nazi! You just call all the people you don’t like Nazis!”

We get that a lot. Despite what people may think, we try to be careful with who we deem a “Nazi.”

I mean, this guy is clearly a Nazi, right?

This is Jovanni Valle, more commonly known as “Jovi Val.” You may remember him from an altercation he had with a Jared Polis staffer (who rules, btw) last year. Or you may recognize him as the douchebag who got egged in New York on May Day.



The flag Jovi Val is carrying in the video features the Nazi eagle over a Sonnenrad, the same symbol the Christchurch shooter wore on his vest during his attacks in New Zealand.

Jovi Val has built his career on being provocative and getting hit in the head. He was a Proud Boy for a short period of time, but was disavowed when his far-right LARPing moved from “brown shirt” to “party member.” The swastikas and sonnenrads are too much for the Proud Boys, who prefer their fascism and bit more “crypto.”

Interestingly enough, David “The Sage” Huntwork added Jovi Val to his “Patriot Brigade – Colorado” Facebook Group in October 2018, months after Val appeared with human shit-stain Jason Kessler at the abysmal “Unite the Right 2.0” in Washington D.C.

Dave conveniently makes welcome posts every month.
Val recently lost his facebook account.
Proud Boy and stupid hat enthusiast Zach Lightner gives Jovi and other newcomers a bizarre welcome.

Huntwork and Lightner aren’t the only people excited about Jovi Val’s appearance in the group. MAGA Trump moderator Curtis DeGroote (archive) appears to be a Jovi Val super fan. Curtis lives in Castle Rock (archive) and works for Stream Companies (archive), an advertising firm. Degroote is also Facebook friends with Proud Boy Louis Huey

Curtis Degroote (archive: about, friends, likes)
DeGroote volunteered to help Huntwork with promotions.
He’s also willing to help out with events.
DeGroote comforting Jovi after his harrowing ordeal with a Polis staffer.
DeGroote coordinating media appearances for Jovi.

ZJ Good (archive: about) lists his employment as “Producer” for Major League Liberty, Louis Huey‘s podcast. When Sheriffs and Proud Boys aren’t getting you the views you need, sometimes it can be helpful to bring a Nazi on the show.

When he isn’t talking up Nazis, Curtis also enjoys threatening high school students.


This is not a good look, Curtis. Jovi Val’s rampant homophobia and penchant for Nazi memorabilia was probably seen as a feature, not a bug, by Huntwork, who had no qualms adding Val to his groups months after he appeared alongside Jason Kessler in a reboot of an event that ended in murder and bloodshed. DeGroote had no qualms defending Val and trying to get him appearances on podcasts. Keep trying to tell people your groups are all about the second amendment, Dave.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 5.58.00 PM

CSU Admissions Bigot Rob Adams

Louis Huey, like the crowd of boomer-conservatives he panders to, is not one to let an opportunity to play the victim pass him by. He has been telling his online friends some WILD stories about us.

Huey is claiming death threats, a rock through his windows, and antifa “marching around my place.”

Look, we wrote an article about Huey’s involvement in far-right politics here in Colorado. While he may take exception to our tone, or the fact that it is this page’s stated position that his actions are pretty shitty, everything we published was accurate. And no, no one associated with this page has done anything to Huey’s precious “personal property.” We didn’t even put up flyers. Huey can’t handle Antifa Supersoldiers on their lowest intensity setting.

Huey isn’t the only one soiling his dedicates over our expose. We received this email a few days ago:

Some keyboard tough guys here.

The redacted section is the personal information of local activist who is in no way, shape, or form connected to us. The alt-right isn’t nearly as invested in the accuracy of their information as we are. Sad!

Huntwork, in addition to his role of founder of the racist and homophobic meme-dumps Patriot Brigade – CO and MAGA Trump – CO, is an active advocate for 2nd Amendment Rights.

It appears we struck a chord with our mention of the admins of his group. “Ms. Ollivier, Ms. Ogden, Ms. Ingram, Mr. Adams, Mr. Huntwork, and Mr. Degroote” are behind some pretty heinous content in Huntwork’s facebook groups.

For example, let’s take a look at Rob Adams (archive). Rob works in the admissions office (archive) at CSU Ft. Collins.


Rob Adams’ info from the CSU Online Directory

Colorado State University has recently come under fire for claims that it discriminates against students of color. They also host Nazis and Nazi-enablers. Here are some choice comments from one their employees in the admissions office:

People like Adams love messing with trans people.
Fake news, Rob.
Adams also buys into the racist conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama is somehow trans.
The group Adams moderates is full of people who love to make “but muh demographics” arguments. We know the type (there are a lot of them).


He also makes it a point to mock sexual assault survivor Christine Blasey Ford.

This dude works in the admissions office of a school that has also been criticized for its handling of sexual assault investigations. In 2014, CSU Ft. Collins was placed under federal investigation for its handling of sexual assault claims.

There’s the ableism.
Here’s the Islamaphobia.
Yes, they’re a hate group.

Rob’s antics aren’t limited to hate-filled facebook groups.

Here is Adams with Huntwork, at an April 8th, 2018 “Rally for our Rights,” a pro-Second Amendment event.

As much as these folks want to pretend they are “very fine people,” their activities show them to be small-minded, hateful assholes who want to talk hard online and bully children at Drag Queen Story Hour.

Proud Boy Propagandist Louis Zachary Huey

With all the excitement over the Identity Evropa discord leaks and the ensuing Identify Evropa profiles, things have been busy. Today we’ve got a profile that is long overdue.


Louie Huey is the host of the livestream podcast Major League Liberty. The pages bills itself as libertarian, but is largely a mouthpiece for Trump supporters. Case in point: Roger Stone was a recent guest. Louie is very active in the Denver area, covering rallies and events of interest to the “blue lives matter” crowd. Louie is also not above “hitting the streets” for some ridiculous “gotcha”-style journalism, and has become a well-known nuisance for Denver-area activists.

His full name is Louis Zachary Huey (archive) and when he isn’t riling up Trump voters he works for Huey Construction (archive).

Huey has strong ties to the Colorado Proud Boys, especially members of the Colorado Springs chapter.

Huey got his start rubbing elbows with established fascists during the summer of 2017, which saw a rise in “Freedom Rallies,” grass roots versions of the ACT for America protests. These freedom rallies became big events for “patriot” groups like the Hiwaymen, who were associated with Castle Rock, CO resident Joe Geneva.

This photo from an October 2017 “Freedom Rally” finds Huey standing next to Denver-Area Nazi and former Traditionalist Worker Party (RIP) leader, Josh Yeakel.

Not only does Huey cover local fascist gatherings, but he also traveled to Portland, OR last summer with Proud Boy Zach Lightner to take part in the street violence inspired by Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson.

Louie Huey, co-host Logan Schwarz (archive) aka “Liberty Logan” to his right, posing with Tiny Toese, Zach Lightner, and Shane Reeves.

Two months ago, Huey and two Proud Boys, Bryce Palmbach (archive)(facebook/archive) and “Enki Fox” (archive) went into Mutiny Information Cafe to harass customers after the store received criticism for anti-Trump sentiments.

Make sure you catch Body Void at Mutiny May 16th!

Bryce Palmbach
Enki Fox
Enki Fox, pressuring a customer into a hug during the most awkward moment of their segment.

Most recently, Huey and company attempted to harass a local Denver activist during their court date.

Fuck yea! Also, Antifa doesn’t have leaders and characterizing this individual in such a way is wildly inaccurate, but when do news outlets with the word “liberty” in them ever care about accuracy?

Huey was harassing an activist who was arrested at an free-speech event Huey sponsored, which resulted in a Colorado State Patrol trooper being placed on leave for over concerns that he collaborated with Proud Boys & Major League Liberty.

Martin Meyers, owning the libs by suffering a head wound at a Major League Liberty event. So much for the tolerant left.

Huey is also a member of the FB group Patriot Brigade – Colorado (archive), which engages largely in 2nd Amendment activism, but also dabbles in the kind of racist, homophobic bullshit you would expect. The group was started by David Huntwork (archive) a local conservative activist who has a lot of facebook profiles (archive 1) (archive 2).

David Huntwork.

Interestingly enough, Huntwork lists his employment as “National Security Background Investigations Contractor.” If this is the guy who is doing background checks for security clearances, it certainly explains some things!

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 1.05.25 PM

Huntwork’s group worked to generate a giant media storm in advance of a Windsor, CO event for “Drag Queen Story Hour

Huntwork personally organized the protest.
Firing up the outrage machine.
And there is the ableism and homophobia.
Huntwork with awkward hugger and Proud Boy, “Enki Fox” at the Windsor Protest.
Proud Boy Bryce Palmbach at Huntwork’s Windsor protest.

Huntwork is also the founder of the group “MAGA Trump – Colorado” (archive)

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 1.12.24 PM
The groups mission statement and steering committee. Director – Amy Ollivier (archive), Steering Committee: Amie Ingram (archive), Curtis DeGroote (archive), Jennifer Ogden (archive), Rob Adams (archive). Some “very fine people.”
A lot of crossover between the two groups.
The MAGA Trump group focuses less on activism and more on racist, homophobic, and transphobic shitposting.
“Not all Trump supporters are racist!”

Louie Huey runs with a pretty fascist crowd, and is a part of the propaganda machine that promotes hate against immigrants and trans people. He’s connected to Proud Boys, militia groups, and is more than friendly with local law enforcement.

Huey referencing the new “clown world meme” which was also used recently by members of American Identity Movement. A fitting meme for a bunch of clowns.


Master Sergeant Cory Reeves Exposed as White Supremacist Organizer

Contributed by: Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists & Eugene Antifa

1 ICE_Processing_Center_-_2

Cory Allen Reeves es miembro del grupo neonazi Nazi Identity Evropa, que se ha renombrado como American Identity Movement. Reeves es el coordinador del estado de Colorado y el “enlace del patrón” para el grupo. Es responsable de las calcomanías y folletos de Identity Evropa que han aparecido en Briargate, UCCS, Breckenridge y otras ubicaciones en Front Range. Cory Reeves es actualmente un Sargento Maestro de la Fuerza Aérea de los EE. UU. En la Base de la Fuerza Aérea Schriever. Como todos los supremacistas blancos, debe considerarse un peligro para la comunidad.

Cory Allen Reeves is a Master Sergeant with the US Air Force of the 50th Space Wing at Schriever Air Force Base, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he also currently owns a home. Cory Reeves has been with the military since at least 2005, has been a member of Identity Evropa since at least October of 2017, and served as the Colorado state coordinator of Identity Evropa. Reeves was a “patron” member of Identity Evropa which meant he paid a monthly higher amount of dues than required. This extra monthly financial contribution to the white supremacist organization gave Reeves access to special communications and meetings reserved for patrons, leadership, and the advisory council. Reeves regularly posted white supremacist propaganda throughout Colorado, encouraged members to donate to the group beyond their $10 monthly dues in his role as “patron’s liaison,” and coordinated actions, events, and meet ups locally and nationally.

2 at TN Capitol March 2019

Master Sergeant Cory Reeves registered for the 2nd annual Identity Evropa conference which took place in Kentucky on March 8, 9, 10 of 2019. At this conference, the organization announced that they were changing their name to the American Identity Movement (AmIM). When referring to the group, we will use the acronym “AmIM” since“AIM” is already taken by the American Indian Movement. By default, Identity Evropa membership rolled into the newly named group, and on the third day of the conference, the attendees participated in the first official action for the American Identity Movement in nearby Nashville, Tennessee. Cory Reeves continues to organize with this group under its new name.

3 Slack Nothing to Shy Away From

4 Slack confirmed
Master Sergeant Cory Reeves aka ‘Argument of Perigee CO’ confirms his attendance to Sunday’s action at the Tennessee capitol, and encourages members not to shy away from announcing they are with the group Identity Evropa while reserving lodging for their annual conference. Screenshots of the Identity Evropa Slack messages courtesy of Unicorn Riot.

The rebranding of Identity Evropa has allowed the group to, among other things, recreate social media on platforms which have banned Identity Evropa. Facebook and Instagram have taken action against American Identity Movement, but Twitter continues to offer them a platform.

Master Sergeant Cory Reeves went by the username “Argument of Perigee” on the Identity Evropa Discord server which was recently leaked by Unicorn Riot. Reeves did, however, use his real name during his appearances on Patrick Casey’s podcast, “Identitarian Action.” Reeves is best known as the bald guy who has brazenly shown his face at a number of Identity Evropa actions in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Florida, New York, Kentucky, and Tennessee in the last year. Our efforts to identify him stretch back to last year.

5 labelled
Master Sergeant Cory Reeves pictured here with the two main leaders of Identity Evropa aka American Identity Movement

Prior to Reeves moving to Colorado Springs in April of 2018, Reeves was in Hawaii. As “Argument of Perigee CO,” Cory tells us that during his time in Hawaii, he was the only Identity Evropa member there. One might interpret that Reeves’ white supremacist ideology was forming by at least 2015. In this interview by the local news, Cory is seen wearing a “Metal Mullisha” shirt, a brand that has been criticized for their design’s similarity to Nazi iconography.

6 news stills
Cory Reeves has a distinct tattoo on the inside of his left forearm

7 moving to CO in April 2018

8 was in HI

Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs isn’t the only base Master Sergeant Cory Reeves has been stationed at in Colorado. According to the post bulletin from Buckley Air Force Base, Reeves was stationed in Denver, Colorado at Buckley AFB in 2010. It is important to note that both of Reeves’ units at Buckley AFB and Schriever AFB are incredibly specialized. They work with satellites. Reeves’ handle in the Discord server, “Argument of Perigee,” actually refers directly to satellites. Cory Reeves has one of the most sensitive and technical jobs in the Armed Forces outside of Special Operations Command. He most certainly has a security clearance. At least a Secret, but due to the nature of his work he might have a Top Secret clearance. Security clearances have become a hot topic lately, and people are right to be concerned about who has access to what information. To get a clearance, applicants go through a lengthy investigation process, which is more rigorous the higher the clearance.

9 military in IE

10 military veteran credit cards

11 2010 CO post

12 AFB ceremony

13 report
Master Sergeant Cory Reeves alludes to his involvement in the military and even brags about using his Identity Evropa ‘activism’ in his Air Force Enlisted Performance Reports.

The US military, which as an entity has more financial, technical, and human assets than most countries, has been unable to determine that one of their most sensitive workers is a member of multiple extremist groups. We must re-examine these systemic blind spots that make rooting out white identity extremists a low priority. Master sergeant Cory Reeves is a huge liability to the armed forces. Cory Allen Reeves is an active duty member of the military. The military explicitly bans service members from affiliating with white supremacist organizations. Cory Reeves marks yet another active duty member of the military who was involved in Identity Evropa.

14 H demo

15 NY
Master Sergeant Cory Reeves stood in front of a foreign ally’s consulate in a racist protest sponsored by Identity Evropa. In these photos, Reeves can be seen in New York, in front of the Mexican Consulate, holding the letter ‘H.’ The full racist messaging spelled ‘Build The Wall.

Identity Evropa and the American Identity Movement aren’t the only extremist organizations Reeves is part of. He is also a dues-paying member of the Oathkeepers. The crossover between Identity Evropa and the Oathkeepers isn’t surprising, as we’ve warned about the potential for militia and neo-Nazi collaboration. With their re-brand, the American Identity Movement is aesthetically aligning themselves further with the militia and patriot movement. We will likely continue to see an overlap between “Identitarians” and “Patriots.”

16 active duty 12 2017

As a Master Sergeant, Cory Reeves is a bit far into his military career. As a senior non-commissioned officer, he should know better than to organize with these extremist groups. He bet his retirement, his GI Bill benefits, his security clearance (and with it, post-military employment) on the hope that he would never be identified. He was incredibly careful, but in the end he was caught. Antifascists will continue to disrupt racist and fascist organizing. Will Cory Reeves’ family, co-workers, and neighborhood community be able to sway his white supremacist views?

17 Aztec brother baby

18 whites have sex with whites
Cory Reeves expresses his disdain for ‘race mixing’

Colorado Springs has had its fair share of Identity Evropa propaganda, and much of it has appeared in the Briargate area, very close to Reeves’ home. It now appears that Master Sergeant Cory Reeves is continuing his bad habit of littering the town with white supremacist propaganda, but, this time, the propaganda is stamped “American Identity Movement.”

19 Argument P CO

20 CO_NYE_-_1

21 checkmate
Master Sergeant Cory Reeves underestimates antifascists’ ability to expose white supremacists.

Name: Cory Allen Reeves
Rank: Master Sergeant in the US Air Force (as of April 2019)
Discord Username: Argument of Perigee CO
Discord messages: https://discordleaks.unicornriot.ninja/discord/user/6331?&page=1

Employer Contact:
Schriever Air Force Base Inspector General
Phone: 719-567-4302
Email: 50swig@schriever.af.mil
Email: AFPC.IG@us.af.mil
Website: https://www.afpc.af.mil/About/Inspector-General/

21 blurred
Master Sergeant Cory Reeves has a distinct tattoo on the inside of his left forearm.

Please contact the Schriever Air Force Base Inspector General and let them know Master Sergeant Cory Reeves is organizing with a white supremacist group. Push for his removal.  Contact your local antifascist group with tips on any Identity Evropa or American Identity Movement activity.

Fascist Black Metal Comes to North Denver

NOTE: Neither Dryer Plug Studios nor Psyonic Laboratories are currently at 3050 E 43rd Street. Unlike Derek Pettinelli, we care about our reputation and don’t throw up false flags.

The Nazi black metal band Horna came to Denver last night and played a show with locals Morgue Whore, Weapönizer, and  Sar Isatum, at 3050 East 43rd Street. The location is a warehouse space owned by Colliers International, a Canadian based global real estate giant. We were able to identify the venue by a series of posts made by Derek Pettinelli, otherwise known by his booking name Metal DP (Archive) or on Facebook as Drek Plzi (Archive).

Derek Pettinelli aka Metal DP at Seventh Circle

Identifying the venue was easy based on the photos provided by concert goers and the description provided by Derek that allowed us to narrow it down to recording studios and practice spaces.

“No trespassing” and “18+” told us everything we needed to know as none of the 18+ venues that sell booze would have hosted Horna et al.

3050 E 43rd Street used to be a practice space and venue called Dryer Plug which hasn’t been open for a few years. Comparing photos from the old spot to the Horna show last night, we see that it’s obviously the same space.

Notice that the walls are the same and the wires and acoustic treatment are in the same locations in all of the pictures.

Derek’s labor in bringing fascist black metal to Denver was shared with Juan Pablo (Archive), drummer for Sar Isatum and Extremely Rotten.


In the days running up to this show, venue after venue dropped Horna et al, so Derek and Weapönizer posted fake flyers suggesting the Nazi show was being held at legitimate establishments. 7th Circle, The Marquis Theater, The Roxy Theater, and Lion’s Lair were all targeted, presumably to sew contempt for these venues from Denverites fed-up with Nazi’s in their city.

A fake flyer targeting 7th Circle

It’s worth noting that members of Atomwaffen Division, the Nazi Terror group linked to at least 5 murders in the U.S., showed up to see Horna in Houston on this very tour.

Denver has it’s own special connection to Atomwaffen Division. Denver also has a strong base of support from other fascist groups like Operation Werewolf, who were also in attendance of last night’s show.

While some may be assuaged by claims that Horna is “apolitical”, a look at their lyrics shows us a very familiar romanticization of Jewish genocide we see from other bands in the NSBM scene. In the track Noutajan Kutsu we hear:

Kun herramme saa vihdoin todistaa
Juudean kansan tuhoa ja kuolemaa

Which roughly translates to

When our Lord can finally prove the destruction and death of the Jewish people

You can ask Colliers International about the Nazi black metal show on their property by calling 303-745-5800.

Identity Evropa Member Heath Butzer(OH)

Amazin’ how these chuds are still getting got. Daddy Patrick clearly doesn’t care about their operational security.

This one was impressively easy.

Hi Heath! Good to know you’re just a quick google search away.

Not much here… rats. Fortunately some kind soul archived his Facebook profile 10 months ago, before Patrick Casey told everyone to lock down their social media :~).

As of 10 months ago, Heath Butzer worked in the kitchen at Landmark Cleveland
Might be worth checking out if he’s still there:
(216) 230-4040

Heath is an extremely normal man, with extremely normal interests, like Alt-right, Breitbart, That’ll Do Farm, Doomsday Preppers, and the National Policy Institute (Richard Spencer’s white supremacist think-tank)

We can find more fascinating facets of Heath’s personality on his Plenty of Fish dating profile. (Archive)

Heath’s interests include Wikipedia, Fooseball, “Rigjt wing politics”, and “Sking”. He’s also “Soooo goofey but serious.”
Hopefully this signal boost will help you get that 1488 woman of dreams Heath, we got you.

Ohio truly is for (Nazi) lovers.

He also doesn’t like Jews

Confirmation that this is indeed his twitter account.
It was formerly @cheffarmer216

And ladies, if you’re looking for a bad boy, Heath has a proven track record. Here is his guilty plea for public intoxication & disorderly conduct, complete with a warrant for his arrest, because he didn’t show up for court. Must be  why he doesn’t drink whisky anymore…

Heath is responsible for a number of flyerings in Ohio:

Akron, OH

Cleveland, OH – Public Square

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH – St. Georges Cathedral

Westlake, OH

Lakewood, OH

Ballot Box

(Archive of images hosted on Discord)

Heath stanning for IE in the comment section of a UNC Mirror article about the group.

You can find out more about Heath and his Lakewood, Ohio lifestyle on FastPeopleSearch (Archive).

Heath left us a kind message on this post, thanks Heath.